A well-known actor used The Bachelor as an inspiration for a new Douchebag movie character

A well-known actor used The Bachelor as an inspiration for a new Douchebag movie character ...

Many celebrities are big fans of The Bachelor often in a love/hate it/hate it manner, just like many Bachelor Nation enthusiasts. One of those celebrities is Justin Long.

Long Performed Like a Performer

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Long is well-known for his roles in Live Free or Die Hard with Bruce Willis, the legendary horror film Drag Me to Hell, and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story with Ben Stiller. Recently, he launched a new comedy/horror film called Barbarian.

Long, an avid Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, admitted that he modeled his douche-y character from an amalgam of unlucky Bachelor Nation cast members in a September 9 interview with The Wrap. I notice on those [Bachelor] shows that, they're some obviously very nice people, and very, they're all different kinds of people on that, but there's a type of guy that presents very clearly. And they perform whether they think it's cool or romantic, they're performing.

Long described the character as a narcissist, someone who behaves differently depending on who he is talking with, as evidenced by a scene in the film where he reconnects with a high-school friend after being publicly shamed.

Long stated, That was a fun game to play with, as a guy who is always shape-shifting and different douche-y versions of himself. Long never identified any particular Bachelor Nation cast member as his inspiration.

Long Mocked and Disparaged Tino Franco

Justin Long Cant Stand Tino on The Bachelorette used many of the same adjectives to describe the suitors on the current season of The Bachelorette as he used to describe his douche-y character in Barbarian on the September 10 episode of the Chicks in the Office podcast.

Long said that the hosts of the podcast, well they perform a lot. Theyre performing cool guy, or romantic, or whatever it is. And, there are a lot of performers this year.

After seeing the previews from Finale Part 1, Long began ripping into Tino Franco. He then contorted his face to try to imitate Franco telling Recchia that he was in love with her. Ultimately, Long and the hosts decided that Franco just said that to avoid discussing his hostile parents.

Many viewers commented on the show and accepted Long's views. One commented, "So cool to hear Justin's remarks!!! I agree with his opinions so much!" Another said, "I vote Justin needs his own Bachelorette podcast."

Justin was too funny! I was hoping this would be posted on Reddit. Another Redditor commented, Justin is spot on. He seems to be a great chill guy.

On Tuesday, September 20, viewers can watch ABC's show audience of what transpired between Franco and Recchia, as well as all of the other drama.