Teasers for Dancing with the Stars 31: EP discusses a new Disney+ format

Teasers for Dancing with the Stars 31: EP discusses a new Disney+ format ...

In a matter of days, the Dance with the Stars 31premiere will be available on Disney+! The competition is fast approaching, and with that, of course, comes a host of changes.

There are no commercial breaks now that the service is live, for example! This gives us extra time for performances, and it may explain more why we have a whopping 16 competitors this time around. Is that also a sign that longer routines will be coming? Well, not at least at the start.

The amount of time you can make the dances is a problem. They are quite demanding to learn and do, and these are amateurs doing it. Also, if you watch it for too long, they tend to lose a bit of form and focus. But as the show progresses and there are fewer competitors in it, the dances can get a bit longer.

However, you used to have to wait for the show to air out in two hours. The show can now run at a somewhat more natural pace. Group dances, team dances, or a dance marathon are all things that people will like.

Green also mentioned that there may be a few other things that will be different this season. Disney Night is going to evolve into Disney+ night, which opens the door for a variety of other routines. The skybox is returning as a way for there to be interviews with the contestants after the routines; that will give production time to clear the floor between routines. There will also be a Michael Buble night, for those wondering!

The biggest change overall will of course be Alfonso Ribeiro's inclusion as co-host, who will take on the role of returning host Tyra Banks. Green's return could be a return to a back-to-bass performance, and we hope that it will focus more on the dances.

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