The long wait for Hightown's season 3 premiere has worn on

The long wait for Hightown's season 3 premiere has worn on ...

If youve been waiting for a while for information on the upcoming Hightownseason 3 premiere date, consider yourself one of many. The Starz show has been finished with production for a while now, its just in the midst of that oh-so-unlucky waiting game where we are forced to wait and see what the network decides to do.

The reason for why haven't they unveiled anything so far is quite simple: They have no real reason to! The network may be waiting for a while here simply because they can, and there is no real need to hurry things along. The Serpent Queen, The BMF Documentary, and possibly Power Book II: Ghost are all already there, and then add to this the likes ofHeels, Power Book IV: Force, Outlander, and other programming over the next few months.

So yea, we cant sit here and guarantee that season 3 will be renewed sometime this month. If there's any show on Starz we're expecting premiere dates on soon, it's probablyGhost, mostly due to the fact that Raising Kananis is currently on the air. For everything else, we may have to wait a bit.

In exchange for forcing us all to sit through an incredible-long wait, here's what we'd like forHightown, but is it too much to demand a formal trailer to accompany the date? Even if we acknowledge that Jackie has gone through a lot already, we'll continue to cheer her on.