Taylors full-circle moment in Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers

Taylors full-circle moment in Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers ...

Now that we were several hours away from the Veto Competition in the Big Brother 24house, we were starting to get a feel for where everyone is going.

We dont want to overlook the impact of what happened earlier today when Taylor put her final jumpsuit back on. Remember when she wore it early on in the season, only to be bashed by the other players? It's pretty incredible to see.

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Monte is unlikely to change his mind about evicting Brittany, but we do still believe there will be campaigns. Alyssa is enraged at him, Jasmine hates him, and Joseph feels like he betrayed him big-time at Dyre Fest. People should really be concerned about Turner when it comes to his jury presence.

Brittany seemed to be displeased with the fact that Monte and Taylor were still talking today, although she only spoke briefly about his situation. He had a difficult day yesterday but ironically, a lot of it was due to Brittanys own actions. For the record, Taylor does not care that much because she believes she can defeat Brittany in the end.

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