Modern Warfare 2's Best Controller Settings

Modern Warfare 2's Best Controller Settings ...

The battle in Modern Warfare 2 begins as soon as you launch the Settings menu. Having the correct adjustments to different settings can make all the difference in gameplay.

Modern Warfare 2 moves rapidly, and players can undoubtedly eliminate one another. It's therefore important to have settings that reflect this and allow you to respond in time.

Modern Warfare 2 has the best possible settings to help you defeat opponents and accomplish goals.

Best Modern Warfare 2 PS4/PS5 Controller Settings

WhosImmortal on Youtube recommends these as the best controller settings in Modern Warfare 2.

Button Layout PresetPreferenceThis is mostly preference, but many players decide to use Tactical because it changes your Melee and Stance/Slide/Dive input. This allows players to slide or dive without moving their fingers away from the trigger.
Flip L1/Flip L2 and R1/R2OFFThe only real reason for flipping would be preferred since Call of Duty on PS3 originally had its L1/L2 and R1/R2 inverted from what it is today on PS4/PS5.
Stick Layout PresetPreferenceThis is entirely up to preference. Choose what you feel most comfortable with.
Controller Vibration OFFVibration might cause you to shake your aim up, which could cost you a battle. It helps keep the aim steady.
Trigger EffectOFFThis is more for immersion because it emulates how it would feel to hold down an actual trigger. In a competitive game mode, though, it can cause you to start shooting more slowly. (Only applies to PS5)
Horizontal Stick Sensitivity8The sensitivity should allow you to aim at your opponents quickly, but it should not damage your ability to aim. If 8 is too high or too low, experiment with what you feel comfortable with.
Vertical Stick Sensitivity9Vertical should always be higher than Horizontal Stick Sensitivity since it is much easier to control.
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier.70 Its good to drop down a bit so that it helps you be more accurate when aiming down the sights.
Sensitivity MultiplierPreferenceSensitivity Multiplier will tweak the sensitivity for different cameras, including Third Person POV, Ground Vehicles, Air Vehicles, and Tablets.
Vertical Aim AxisN/AWhosImmortal recommends not touching these settings too much since doing so can do more harm to your aim than good.

Tweaking your sensitivity will allow you to improve your aim, but to make the most of it, you'll need to learn about the new MW2 maps and their layouts.

Aim Down Sight BehaviorHOLDThis is mostly preference, but it can throw you off if you put to Toggle and accidentally toggle it off.
Automatic SprintAutomatic Tactical SprintThis is perhaps one of the most significant changes. Turning on ATS will allow players to automatically enter a Tactical Sprint from standing. The fewer inputs you need to do an action, the better in combat.
Equipment BehaviorHOLDThis will allow you to hold a lethal one until you are ready to throw it without needing a second input.
Weapon Mount Activation ADS + MeleeThis is a preference for the most part, but its always nice to aim down the sights and have the prompt to mount there without needing to release the ADS button.
Interact/Reload BehaviorTap to ReloadThis will prioritize reloading over every other input.
Armor Plate Behavior Apply to All This is only for Warzone 2.0 and armor plates you find around Al Mazrah.

Despite being able to slide in Modern Warfare 2, it does appear to be an option for players who wish to improve their movement.

Target Aim AssistONIt will help reduce recoil and improve the aim.
Aim Assist TypeDefaultThis is the AIm Assist that you are most likely most comfortable with. Anything else can severely throw off your aim.
Aim Response Curve TypeDynamicThis is the curve type that most pro players use, and it is the norm in competitive Call of Duty.
ADS Sens. Multiplier (FOCUS).90This only applies when focusing ADS with snipers and can be tweaked to fit your playstyle.
ADS Sensitivity Transition TimingINSTANTThis will give you the most control over your aim and sensitivity.
Custom Sensitivity Per Zoom OFFIts best to leave these settings as is.
Inputs DeadzonepreferenceThis is completely up to your preference and will be different depending on the dead zones for your controller.
Sprint/Tactical Sprint BehaviorToggleWith Toggle, youll only need to click once to start sprinting. This will allow you to have your hands free for other inputs.
Auto Move Forward OFFThis takes away control from your players movement, which can be costly in a gun battle.
Tactical Sprint BehaviorDouble TapBecause of the Automatic Tactical Sprint setting we triggered, this setting wont matter.

Combine these features with all the new weapons in Modern Warfare 2 and you'll be able to dominate the competition in no time!