Killstreaks & Scorestreaks in MW2: All Confirmed

Killstreaks & Scorestreaks in MW2: All Confirmed ...

In MW2: Multiplayer, Killstreaks and Scorestreaks are back. New fan favorites include the Advanced UAV, as well as an interesting new feature!

Killstreaks were first introduced to the game in 2007. When the original Modern Warfare was released.

They are a huge part of multiplayer and individual players' strategies for their chosen play style today.

The thrill of being on a high Killstreak without dying is unmatched and turns the tide in matches. Here's how they work!

How do Killstreaks & Scorestreaks Work?

Killstreaks are in-match rewards that players may earn by winning consecutive kills without dying.

Each Killstreak reward requires a specified number of consecutive kills to be activated. For instance, a UAV requires four kills, while a Precision Aistrike requires six.

Players may have up to three streaks, some of which include useful match deciding equipment such as Bomb Drones.

If players manage to acquire an additional one during a match via a Care Package or other means, they may opt for a fourth Killstreak.

MW2 allows players to equip Killstreaks separate to Loadouts from the Weapons menu. However, players may not switch streaks during a match.

Before you enter the next match, you must decide which Killstreaks work best for the stretagy you are planning.

Each kill without dying adds an additional point to your total Killstreak. You should have enough kills to unlock each of the streaks you have chosen. Dying resets your Killstreak to zero.

Note that the kills you earn in a Killstreak do not stack up to unlock your next streak reward.

Scorestreaks are an alternative to Killstreak rewards, since they are earned through various match objectives.

As a Scorestreak, each Killstreak has a determined Score to unlock. For example, if you want to unlock a UAV, it will require 500 Score instead of four kills in a row.

Scorestreaks are aimed at more objective-based players who prefer a more goal-oriented tactical approach despite being the same rewards.

Players must follow these steps to equip Scorestreaks:

  • To activate Scorestreaks, players need to equip the Killstreak rewards they want from the Weapons menu
  • Once the Killstreaks are equipped, switch the bottom-left toggle to change from Killstreaks to Scorestreaks

In MW2, players may earn Score for Scorestreaks:

  • Eliminations
  • Playing the objective
  • Earning assists
  • Effectively using Field Upgrades
  • Completing other in-game objectives durting matches

Streaks List

Modern Warfare 2's current Killstreaks and Scorestreaks, as well as the quantity of kills and scores required to unlock them:

  • UAV: 4 Kills / 500 Score
  • Bomb Drone: 4 Kills / 500 Score
  • Counter UAV: 5 Kills / 625 Score
  • Care Package: 5 Kills / 625 Score
  • Cluster Mine: 5 Kills / 625 Score
  • Precision Airstrike: 6 Kills / 750 Score
  • Cruise Missile: 6 Kills / 750 Score
  • Mortar Strike: 6 Kills / 750 Score
  • S.A.E: 7 Kills / 875 Score
  • Sentry Gun: 7 Kills / 875 Score
  • VTOL Jet: 8 Kills / 1,000 Score
  • Overwatch Helo: 8 Kills / 1,000 Score
  • Wheelson-HS: 8 Kills / 1,000 Score
  • Stealth Bomber: 10 Kills / 1,250 Score
  • Chopper Gunner: 10 Kills / 1,250 Score
  • Emergency Airdrop: 10 Kills / 1,250 Score
  • Gunship: 12 Kills / 1,500 Score
  • Advanced UAV: 12 Kills / 1,500 Score
  • Juggernaut: 15 Kills / 1,875 Score

For a limited time, the UAV is a classic easy to earn streak that displays enemy locations on the mini-map every few seconds.

UAVs can be easily shot down with launchers and have multiple counters, such as the Counter-UAV & Ghost perk (which allows players to stay off the mini-map when a UAV is active).

Bomb Drones can be flung anywhere in the playable area, and their C4 charge can be activated manually or when it runs out of fuel.

With its onboard camera, it is especially effective near goals or groups of players.

Being shot down, running out of gasoline, or hitting the water is easy to disable the Bomb Drone.

Disables enemy UAVs, as well as other tools that display information using the mini-map.

The Counter UAV is also easily shot down by launchers, just like the UAV.

Care Package markers may be thrown at a location where you wish the helicopter to drop them off and may contain any standard Killstreak that isnt another care package.

The contents of the care package are random, and the odds are weighted toward less costly streaks.

Packages may also be lost when tumbling away, getting stuck on rooftops, or out-of-bounds locations. It will also float on water if it falls on it.

In MW2, there's a brand new Killstreak that, once activated, detects enemy mines within a short radius, prompting the player to launch one of four mines.

A blast that is smaller than one caused by deadly equipment is caused by these mines. The Cluster Mine has the potential to slay small groups of enemies at once.

It is efficient near targets or in tight spaces. It may be shot or destroyed using equipment.

Allow players to mark the area with a spotter scope, and two jets will drop bombs and gunfire in succession.

These jets are able to avoid enemy launchers with ease, although they sometimes miss their destination due to tall structures.

The cruise missile can be accelerated or steered to your target, striking enemies, equipment, and even enemy aerial Killstreaks.

Players are highlighted, making them easier to spot; players who have the Cold-Blooded feature will not appear highlighted, making them harder to spot.

A laser pointer allows you to mark any spot for a massive mortar strike to strike enemies, making it ideal for denying small areas for a short period. Beware!

This is a superior precision airstrike because it contains an additional jet and allows you to control the trajectory of each strike, which causes explosives to explode on targets or equipment.

When called in, the S.A.E works well in objective-based game modes to control objectives. This streak has a minor delay between jets.

The Sentry Gun may be placed on a desk and left to search for nearby enemies to shoot and kill, or it may be taken back anywhere and re-deployed as needed. Great for defending an area.

If youre not in a good position, your device is controlled by the AI rather than yourself.

Strike a specified area marked on a tablet to drop two sets of bombs then guards the area. Its fast-firing turrets are easily eliminated.

Great for defending areas and objectives. Through an on-screen prompt, you may move the VTOL to another area of your choice.

The VTOL can be shot down, although it's not as powerful as an UAV.

This Helo follows close behind your operator and pings enemy locations, allowing you to remove a few individuals for yourself.

This can sometimes sabotage your position because of its proximity to you in the sky.

The Wheelson can be controlled either manually or on auto-pilot to patrol around and shoot down enemies with its powerful mini-turret. This is the latest and improved Wheelson from Modern Warfare 2019.

This new Wheelson is capable of floating on water, making it a great companion land or sea.

This Stealth Bomber explodes explosive pellets on most of the map. Your enemies have only one way to avoid this Killstreak: seek cover.

This Chopper is used alongside its guns for intense firepower against opponents below.

You can choose between cannon rounds and rockets. Alternatively, you may go to thermal mode to highlight enemies' heat signatures.

It will withstand a few missiles and comes with flares to shield against anti-targeting threats.

The care package functions the same as the care package, but there are three random Killstreaks included. Act quickly, or share with your team.

This Gunship maneuvers through missiles and 25mm cannons to dominate your opponents whilst circling the map from above and toggling the inbuilt thermal sight to detect hostiles.

This is the most powerful aerial Killstreak you can control when you rack up this amount of kills or scores.

You may use it to show all enemy locations for you and your squad, as well as see what direction they are headed in real-time.

It's one of the tastiest Killstreaks you can earn, and quite rightly so!

The Juggernaut suit includes a mini-gun that provides the highest damage per second in the game.

This Streak is a standard care package that may be thrown anywhere on the map. Once secured, you will receive the Juggernaut suit.

If you can rack up all 15 kills without dying, it is likely to be the finest ground-based Killstreak! That is, if you can capture the care package in time!

To top it off, this suit plays music while you tear enemies apart. Remember, heavy armor is like an anchor in the water.

A Third Person Mode is also included in MW2.

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