The Top 10 Scariest Kids' Show Villains

The Top 10 Scariest Kids' Show Villains ...

Children's programs often need to keep dangers and ideas at a certain level, often for the purpose of censorship or to match the often humorous tone and style that accompany them. As a result, many kids shows tend to have somewhat goofy villains that, while providing a threat, don't often have a real edge.

When bad actors in kids programs are allowed to be creepy, sadistic, and even violent, it can enhance specific themes and leave an irrefutable impact on the young audience. They may push the limits of what is acceptable on children's television, but their impact remains to this day.

Mumm-Ra 'Thundercats' (1985-89)

This mummy's initial appearance is already creepy, sending off Emperor Palpatine vibes. However, with the assistance of the Ancient Spirits of Evil, he may shed his wretched form to become Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living (Earl Hammond) and his strength multiplies.

He ruled his world for an unknown period before the titular Thundercats arrived, and he will do whatever it takes to maintain control. However, he cannot be killed because as a self-described embodiment of evil, so does he.

Bill Cipher Gravity Falls (2012-16)

Despite his sentient triangles sarcastic demeanor, Bill Cipher (Alex Hirsch) is frightening to think about due to his power and how he uses it. He promptly destroyed the second dimension, and is more than happy to conquer ours.

He enjoys a good joke mostly if it involves severe bodily harm. He loves it even more if it belongs to someone he is possessing. In the series' final scene, his whole power is unleashed, allowing him to merge his reality with ours, resulting in horrifying (although still somewhat silly) results.

Toffee's 'Star vs. the Forces of Evil' (2015-19)

Toffee (Michael C. Hall) is an immortal being who first appeared as a new member of Ludos underlings. Soon, he began to profess enough faith in his fellow members to erect a successful coup and expel Ludo (Alan Tudyk) from his own castle.

He does everything in a relaxed, self-assured, and usually quiet manner, which contrasts strongly with Ludos' bombastic and maniacal demeanor. This makes him the least emotional and ultimately creepiest of Star Butterflys (Eden Sher) opponents.

'Avatar: The Last Airbender,' by Combustion Man (2005-08)

Combustion Man (Greg Baldwin) may have been a person who only appeared for a few episodes in Book 3, but he remains a well-known character to this day. He is a cold, emotionless killing machine that is famous enough for Zuko (Dante Basco) to hire him.

He never speaks (save for a few grunts), and without his brief moments of suffering and eventual death, one might be forgiven for thinking he was not human. His most distinctive feature is a tattoo on his head, which allows him to produce the greatest impact.

Slappy the Dummy 'Goosebumps' (1995-98)

Goosebumps had many unique creatures and monsters, but none were more well-known than Slappy (Cathal J. Dodd). Initially a cameo appearance at the end of a book, the sentient ventriloquist dummy managed to become the face of the franchise. Sadistic, snarky, and desire nothing more than to enslave humans and punish his owners for his misdemeanors

He never wants to be called a dummy, so he transforms humans into dummies for his own sick amusement. He may not be entirely as violent (or foul-mouthed) as Chucky, but he still managed to instill a fear of dolls and dummies among generations of children.

Airachnid 'Transformers: Prime' (2010-13)

The Decepticons may be the villains in the Transformers universe, but not even Megatron (Frank Welker) is quite as bloodthirsty as she is. Airachnid (Gina Torres) is a spider-like transformer who fought with the Decepticons during the Cybertronian conflict.

She left the series after it ended, and she remained in it for the rest of the universe, where she acquired a new passion: trapping, torturing, and murdering the creatures she took as trophy. She is brutal, fierce, and gleefully sadistic. Even more than Starscream (Steve Blum), she will murder all who stand in her way.

HIM 'The Powerpuff Girls' (1998 - 2005)

HIMs (Tom Kane) appearance may seem somewhat sappy, but his personality is enough to send a chill up anyone's spine. He smiles continuously, speaks in a high-pitched voice that brings Pennywise to mind, and has a sadistic outlook.

Nobody knows how he came to be or why he has a special focus on defeating The Powerpuff Girls. Even his initials refer to his gender, not what he does, because he loves to incite pain and create chaos.

The Beast 'Over the Garden Wall' (2014)

The Beast (Samuel Ramey) is a mysterious, malevolent entity that initially appears as a silhouette with glowing eyes and horns. Serving his demon-like appearance very well, he consumes the souls of those who fall into his path to light his lantern, while turning their bodies into trees.

Manipulative, soft-spoken, and dangerous, he desires for his influence to expand, and he keeps those whom he has entrusted to him under his influence for the most brief of glimpses. But before his destruction, his proper form is shown for the first time a collection of wooden faces frozen in terror.

The Lich 'Adventure Time' (2010-18)

The Land of Ooo is home to many strange, silly, and somewhat bizarre creatures. Their most dangerous inhabitants are no laughing matter: the Lich (Ron Perlman) is a rotting carcass that is the unliving embodiment of inevitable death.

He did not have any physical form until he discovered a man whose body was destroyed by nuclear waste before the series' premiere. What makes him frightening is that he does not have subordinates, jokes, or even humor. He is only interested in his end goal, and will not waste time achieving it.

'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' (1990-96) The Corpse

Are You Afraid of the Dark? is one of Nickelodeon's darkest shows ever aired, presenting some of the most legitimately frightening creatures and monsters on children's television. Despite the fact, its a miracle this character escaped the censors.

The legend of a ghost that haunts a pool and drowns anybody who enters it, even children. When we finally see the ghost that haunts the pool, its not a pretty sight a rotting zombie corpse (portrayed by Marcel Jeannin) drenched in what appears to be its own blood. It may make a kid think twice about swimming in certain areas.