Darling Cinematographer Don't Worry Calls Film The Most Harmonious Set Ive Ever Been On

Darling Cinematographer Don't Worry Calls Film The Most Harmonious Set Ive Ever Been On ...

Olivia Wilde's Dont Worry Darling is looming larger in pop culture than the film itself ever is. This has resulted in endless gossip, memes, and even a heated debate about whether or not Styles spit on fellow cast mate Chris Pine. (He didnt, but the fact that fans were even asking should tell you something.)

Many speculate that Wilde's efforts to cast Shia LaBeouf and his subsequent connection with Styles were the catalyst for the highly publicized film. Matthew Libatique, the film director of photography, sees things differently.

Libatique denied seeing any tension between cast and crew while shooting the psychological thriller in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporters Behind the Screen. The long-time cinematographer knows a thing or two about film sets, having previously worked with Darren Aronofsky and Bradley Cooper among other accomplished filmmakers.

Olivia built a team that believed in her and she believed in each and every member of the set. When I hear that there are rumors of acrimony on the set, I reject it. It was never apparent at all.

The two-time Oscar nominee does not deny that the films press tour has had its share of problems, but believes that those difficulties began before filming.

Whatever happened, it happened way after I left and started doing something else, according to the guy. I was never accused of anything, and I didn't feel anything. You know, you can't tell when something is going on, and you didn't feel anything.

Libatique remains positive about Wildes' film career, despite poor reviews and the consequences it caused.

She is extremely visual and open, and likes to take many risks, according to the actor. She could do anything.

Darling is now playing in cinemas.