Magic Mike 3, directed by Channing Tatum, has finally been released, and there are more exciting news

Magic Mike 3, directed by Channing Tatum, has finally been released, and there are more exciting new ...

Magic Mike XXL has been released for the first time in seven years, and for a long time, it seemed like the Magic Mike saga would be a two-picture affair (although there was a Magic Mike musical that premiered in 2018). In November 2021, it was announced that Magic Mike 3, a.k.a. Magic Mikes Last Dance, would be released, and there is more exciting news concerning the Channing Tatum-led trilogy, which will have a bizarre opening.

Magic Mikes Last Dance will be released on February 10, 2023, aka Super Bowl weekend, meaning that Warner Bros. created the mysterious Untitled WB Event Film in late August. However, Deadline reports that the three-part sequel will now be released on theatrical screens. Its All Coming Back on the 2023 Film Schedule

Magic Mikes Last Dance's transition to a theatrical release should be surprising to anyone who's been following Warner Bros. Discovery's latest development. This is one of the reasons Batgirl was canceled, as it was decided not to invest money in the DC film to make it big screen-ready. However, Deadline has stated that there will be a time between its time in theaters and its debut on HBO Max.

The first two Magic Mike films grossed a combined $285.6 million worldwide, excluding $7 million and $14.8 million, so there's a good possibility that Magic Mikes Last Dance will be a commercial success in five months. This is also the second Channing Tatum film to premiere around Valentines Day, as did Dog, a comedy drama road film that grossed $85 million worldwide.

Magic Mike's Last Dance has some plot limitations, but as with the first two films, it will follow Channing Tatum's title character, one of the most talented strippers in the business. Salma Hayek (who stepped in when Thandiwe Newton departed) and Gavin Spokes (who stepped in after the first Magic Mike film) are the only actors who have confirmed the three-part series. XXL director Gregory Jabobs produces alongside Reid Carolin (who wrote the script) and

Magic Mikes Last Dance will be available in cinemas on February 10, 2023, and there are rumours that there will be events in conjunction with the release. This year, Channing Tatum has also appeared in The Lost City and Bullet Train.