Universal Hollywood Horror Nights Will Have 6 Awesome Things In 2022 That Orlando Doesnt

Universal Hollywood Horror Nights Will Have 6 Awesome Things In 2022 That Orlando Doesnt ...

With Universal Horror Nights on the horizon in 2022, there's a constant skew in favor of Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights being the best of the two, especially since the Florida location has more houses and scare zones, Hollywood is loaded with unique attractions that may make it go chainsaw to chainsaw this year in particular.

I'll let you pick where you go, but as a regular on Team Hollywood, I found there to be a few additional reasons why the West Coast might be the way to go this season.

The Jordan Peele-Inspired Terror Tram

A portion of the actual Nope set, Jupiters Claim, arrived to the Universal Studios backlot in July. Along with Jupiters Claim being a new addition to the Studio Tour whether it is its spooky season or not, the location is an integral part of the seasonal Terror Tram attraction in 2022, which is only available at Hollywood Horror Nights.

Jordan Peele is a well-known horror fan these days. Although I was disappointed to learn the entire Terror Tram sequence didn't completely follow after his filmography as I saw it, the attraction always makes for an interesting exploration of the studio backlot, also involving the set of Psycho, and this year was no exception. The Jordan Peele mashup was a great addition to the Orlando experience.

The Death Eaters Scare Zone At Hogwarts

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a safe haven during Horror Nights to escape from all the scary monsters and such in the other areas of the park for a while. But in 2022, Universal Hollywood added something called the Death Eaters Encounter within this section of the park. What that means is there are there are Death Eater scarers lurking around as you go through Hogsmeade for some Butterbeer and such. With them, there is a lot of green smoke and general eerie.

The Death Eaters Encounter is simply a conversation. One of Lord Voldemorts' followers will likely greet you, wearing masks and waving their wands in an effort to catch you off guard and remind you that the Wizarding World has a lot of darkness. I think the addition to Hollywood highlights the West Coast Horror Nights as a whole, finding new ways to slay scares in ways that Orlando does not.

The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare Bar Has A Full Show

The Weeknds After Hours Nightmare house was named the most inspired attraction of this season by my ranking of all Hollywood Horror Nights houses. The house is available at both Hollywood and Orlando parks, but a bar inspired by the house is only available in Hollywood. The bar is located next to the Jurassic World attractions on the Lower Lot of Universal Studios Hollywood, not too far from the actual After Hours attraction.

The exclusive addition to Hollywood is a moody location that furthers The Weeknd's haunted house at the theme park this year, and the menu is quite impressive as well. There are four different kinds of seasoned fried fare: Bleu Cheese Buffalo, BBQ, and Truffle Parmesan & Black Garlic.

After Hours Nightmare, a grenadine-filled syringe, and the Blinding Lights, a tequila-based blue drink with peach, lime, and club soda, are the other two cocktails. Out of Time, a rum-based blue cocktail, and Save Your Fears, a vodka, grapefruit, lime juice, and a tajin rim, will make you feel fancy and on theme.

Particularly Great Original Houses

The following are just a few of the great Universal Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights attractions to see this year. Yes, it's their original houses. Three of them stood out to me.

The West Coast is on the verge of becoming the better option for Horror Nights each year, if not for the sheer number of attractions the park offers during the spooky season. Universal Hollywood Horror Nights is on the verge of becoming the preferred attraction for horror nights.