Adept replies to xQc announcing their separation

Adept replies to xQc announcing their separation ...

xQc shocked viewers yesterday when he revealed that he and Adept had broken off their relationship. But it appears viewers werent the only ones shocked when xQc revealed that Adept did not want the affair to go public.

Adept noticed viewers in her Twitch chat being a bit strange on the weekend of her birthday, and she quickly began questioning the reason. Soon after, she was informed that xQc had revealed their separation, and after seeing a clip showing just that, she took no action.

I understand that Adept said. I asked him to give me a moment of silence so that yall might not do exactly what all of you are doing right now, and he decided to do whatever the fuck he wanted to do. So, whats new?

However, the popular Twitch streamer did not stop there.

He fucking threatened it and held it over my head for weeks when I was just requesting for actual fucking peace, quiet, and privacy. And then boom, heres this, nice, Adept continued. Hes saying its his fault, but again, it's manipulation, I asked for things to be said.

Adept revealed that xQc had threatened to cancel their engagement every day that she was at Shit Camp, an event hosted by QTCinderella that ran from Sept. 5 to the eighth. According to Adept, she had to talk him down from the mountain every time he threatened to disclose their relationship status.

xQc stated that his absence from Shit Camp was one of the main reasons for his being able to keep Adept from getting caught up in the public eye for long periods. It sparked a wave of controversy when it was first revealed two weeks ago.

Adpet requested that her viewers refrain from expressing hatred toward xQc, and that the drama continue with her broadcast.

As of yet, XQc has not replied to Adepts' claims about their friendship.