Understanding how the Fortnite Arena Mode works

Understanding how the Fortnite Arena Mode works ...

Fortnite is one of the most popular competitive games in the world right now, with hundreds of thousands of players coming to Arena matches every year. Epic Games has only strengthened this community by hosting international tournaments that provide players with unique opportunities to win cash or in-game prizes.

Fortnite is still going strong, thanks to dozens of competitive and content creation teams that have sprung up around the game. There are also some new variations to the competitive scene as the game prepares to launch Chapter Three and season four. These are meant to entertain and challenge the player.

Arena's ultimate aim is to improve through the ranks. That means that you must earn at least as much Hype per match as it costs in Bus Fare. If you want to increase your ranking, you need to play smart and keep in mind the best ways to earn extra Hype every match.

This is all you need to know about Fortnite's Competitive Arena modes.

In Fortnite, Arena Hype, Divisions, and Leagues work.

For Fortnite's Division and Ranking, Hype is earned by completing various tasks each match, such as surviving or getting eliminations.

  • Victory Royale
  • Reach top five
  • Reach top 15
  • Reach top 25
  • Eliminations

Many players do not need to complete a huge amount of eliminations each match to advance into the basic league due to the Hype system's survival features. At earlier ranks, only surviving matches are sufficient to progress into the basic league, while later matches will require more skill-based gameplay and eliminations.

Fortnite currently has three different leagues: Open, Contender, and Champion. The Open League is reserved for everyone who joins a Competitive match and lasts for the first four divisions. The Contender League is Division Five through Seven and allows players to begin competing in Fortnite's Contender Cups.

The Champions League is a tournament where players may compete in Fortnite's most popular events for real money, such as the FNCS. Players who reach the Champion League are in Divisions Eight through 10, earning bragging rights for their difficult feat.

Each Division will require that you acquire a certain amount of Hype to unlock it, with higher Divisions requiring more than 10,000 Hype.

  • Division One: 0 to 399 Hype
  • Division Two: 400 to 799 Hype
  • Division Three: 800 to 1,199 Hype
  • Division Four: 1,200 to 1,999 Hype
  • Division Five: 2,000 to 2,999 Hype
  • Division Six: 3,000 to 4,999 Hype
  • Division Seven: 5,000 to 7,499 Hype
  • Division Eight: 7,500 to 9,999 Hype
  • Division Nine: 10,000 to 14,999 Hype
  • Division 10: 15,000 or more Hype

As you advance through the various ranks, you'll begin to notice that you start each match with negative Hype. This is called Bus Fare, and it keeps players in higher Divisions from simply slogging through on survival experience.

How does Arena Bus Fare work in Fortnite?

In Arena mode, players pay a fee to use the Battle Bus in higher divisions. It serves as a benchmark that competitive players must achieve in each match; otherwise, they risk losing the negative points.

As you progress through the higher divisions, the bus fare in Fortnite's Competitive Divisions increases.

  • Division One to Division Three: 0 Bus Fare
  • Division Four: 10 Bus Fare
  • Division Five: 20 Bus Fare
  • Division Six: 30 Bus Fare
  • Division Seven: 50 Bus Fare
  • Division Eight: 60 Bus Fare
  • Division Nine: 70 Bus Fare
  • Division 10: 80 Bus Fare

Players must also earn at least enough points to claim a victory in the upper Divisions. Players may leave Spawn Island before they enter the Battle Bus, but they will not earn any Hype.

How does Siphon work in Fortnite Competitive?

The Siphon is a Fortnites Arena mode feature that rewards players with health or shields when they receive an elimination. Players who receive an elimination will be awarded 50 health and/or shields when they complete their elimination. In team game modes, players will have to completely remove the player to receive the healing boost.

The Siphon rewards players for constantly engaging with enemies, which happens to be the best way to earn more Hype. In regular Battle Royale matches, you may choose to avoid combat, but the Arena modes with Siphon enabled encourage you to look out and get rid of your opponents since it will restore your health.

All current Fortnite Arena Modes

Epic has made an announcement about the upcoming Fortnite Competitive changes during Chapter Three of Season 4. According to the post, Epic will include the following game modes:

  • Battle Royale
    • Solos
    • Duos
    • Trios
  • Late Game Arena
    • Solos
    • Trios
  • Solos
  • Duos
  • Trios
  • Solos
  • Trios
  • Solos
  • Duos
  • Trios
  • Solos
  • Trios

Epic will also be hosting Zero Build competitions, but at the time of writing, there is still no Zero Build Arena. This season, Epic hopes to reduce queue times by reducing the number of game modes that are available in the game.

Fortnite strategy tips for Arena

Playing smart is the key to advancing through the Arena modes in Fortnite. There are also a few other useful tips that you will need to use in your next Arena encounter.

Consider how the cosmetic will make you appear in the game. If the cosmetic is going to give you away from a distance or make you stand out in any way, it's highly unlikely that you should wear them in the game. Back blings are an optional cosmetic, one you may wish to avoid since they can also give you away.

Some players prefer to use the Boundless skin since it may be altered to become a solid color and cover the character's entire body. It's possible to get the superhero set back before Epic prohibits it in competitive games.

Another suggestion is to be aggressive with every player you see. It may take some defeats at first, but this is the best method to gain Hype and improve at the game. As you progress in eliminating other players, your Hype score will continue to increase.

If you prefer to farm Hype, then you can get far in the match by simply surviving to be in the top 25, 15, and five in order to earn a fair share of the points. This technique will not give you enough points to excel in higher Divisions, but at the start, it will provide you with plenty.

The Late Game Arena is a new game mode that allows players to replay the most challenging moments of the battle royale over and over. This game mode allows you to practice your fighting in a small area.

In this game mode, you either do that, or you die over and over again. Instead, youll learn how to prioritize which loot to grab, and get used to fighting in close and tight situations. Since the Arena has been reinstated, players may even rank up.