In Grand Piece Online, how do you start your boat?

In Grand Piece Online, how do you start your boat? ...

Grand Piece online is a Roblox One Piece adventure game that allows players to perform everything you have grown to expect from the genre. Fighting, fruit, swords, bosses, and enemies all come in abundance for you to conquer. If you want to sail and explore the other islands and seas, you'll want to buy your boat and spawn it. Here's how to create your boat in Grand Piece Online.

In Grand Piece Online, how do you spawn your boat?

Boats are used to explore other islands in Grand Piece Online, and you'll have to learn to sail the seas to progress in the game. There are two boats available at the Town of Beginnings, one for a modest 75 Peli and another for 2,000.

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In Grand Piece Online, you will be practically equipping the boat and putting it into the water. Go to sea, you'll have to go farther out depending on the size of your boat. Open the menu then press the bag icon, which is your inventory. Equip the boat you want to spawn. Then go back into the menu and click on the ship button. It will spawn.

If it doesn't spawn, it may be because you are too far out into the sea for it to spawn properly. If you haven't properly equipped your boat from your inventory, you may need to get on board and set sail!

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