Omega Strikers' Best Forwards

Omega Strikers' Best Forwards ...

Omega Strikers is a 3v3 arena sports championship championship in which two teams compete for a goal. This typically requires a forward, which may leave you wondering who the greatest character to play forward is in Omega Strikers.

Best Omega Strikers Forwards

While any player may score, it is the forward who will establish the goal's core. Some characters have better kits that make them more suited for this position. Here are some of our top picks for Omega Strikers.

Juliette is a strong forward and bruiser, as most of her abilities do a lot of damage but also strike the core. Fiery Fist is a great tool to hit a wide arc, allowing you to be somewhat free with your aim. Lastly, Flame Flurry is great for stabbing and knocking out other teams.

Kai is one of the best burst options for forward in Omega Strikers, because he haste, which allows him to cross the arena quickly. Barrage is excellent at close range and at a distance, allowing you to fire several missiles and push the core. Kai's special Giga Blast, launches a powerful missile that deals massive damage and allows you to clear the path.

Estelle excels at holding her breath long enough to swooping in for a goal. Piercing Shot should be your primary weapon for picking up goals. Time your use of it to snipe the core and push it through. Rose Warp is helpful for avoiding attacks and minimizing damage to nearby enemies. Crystal Thorns is excellent for hitting a wide area of impact, as well as the core.

Drek'Ar is a versatile forward who doesn't score often but shoots out defenders. His Xeno Cloak ability allows him to become invisible and move faster, setting Drek'Ar up for Lock and Load, which is devastating up close and can drop enemies quickly. Molten Bolt is excellent for slowing down opponents and allowing you to go forward, hopefully to an unprotected goal.

X is a fascinating character because he is primarily a melee player. This makes him ideal for the forward position as he can harass defenders while also striking the goal. This opens up a perfect route for Bull Rush, where you can leap forward and hit the core. X Maximus!, X's special, increases his size and strength, allowing you to perform the forward role even better.