Why was Dynasty season 6 canceled on The CW?

Why was Dynasty season 6 canceled on The CW? ...

It seems like this is the perfect moment to address the following: Why isn't Season 6 of CW?

The Elizabeth Gillies reboot was one of many losses in what was a shocking move by the network to slash a lot of its programming. It was in anticipation of The CW's average demographic.

While it's a bummer to see Dynastygo, we'll be honest here and say that in some ways, it's a miracle that this series lasted as long as it did. We're talking about a series that never achieved greatness, yet, it almost always remained viable. The international exposure and streaming rights of the shows have to be major considerations.

If you are hoping for a season 6, don't count on it. Ratings simply aren't good enough for another network or service to join the fray. Hopefully, well, we'll get a second chance to see this cast and crew again doing something else someday down the road. Also, be grateful!