In a special episode, Gogglebox pays tribute to the Queen

In a special episode, Gogglebox pays tribute to the Queen ...

The iconic show Gogglebox is back tonight (September 16) as the stars pay their condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Four cast members broke down in tears over the death of the longest-reigning monarch in the United Kingdom's history. They referred to her as a "role model" who worked till the end.

Huw Edwards, a BBC presenter, broke the news to the nation about the Queen's death.

Jenny, who couldn't help but cry, said: "She said when she first took over, whether it was a long or a short reign, she would work till the end."

Mary was equally weary as she declared that the United Kingdom does not have a female role model anymore.

"This is the problem, we don't have a role model yet." There is no one of her caliber in our public life we can admire, she said.

Mary replied: "I was thinking of a female role model when Giles pointed towards Prince now King Charles. We need a female role model. I mean, who else is there? No one."

"I mean, she's unrivalable, but we've had 96 years," Mary said.

Stephen and Daniel talked about how they were goosebumps when they saw the news.

After it was reported earlier in the day (September 8) that the Queen had been placed under medical supervision at Balmoral, the news of the Queen's death emerged.

King Charles issued a statement following her death, saying, "My beloved Mother, Her Majesty The Queen, is a day of great distress for me and all members of my family." We mourn deeply the passing of a beloved sovereign and a much-loved mother.

On Channel 4, Gogglebox airs on Friday nights at 9pm.