Cobra Kai's executive producer reveals the series' future beyond season 5

Cobra Kai's executive producer reveals the series' future beyond season 5 ...

Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, the series' creators, have talked about the series' future beyond season 5, which premiered earlier this month on Netflix.

In a Variety interview, the couple discussed what they hope to accomplish in Season 6 and whether or not they will develop further plotlines.

"We have a lot more to tell; we're still working out the details," said Jon.

"We're working on another series that we created and are showrunning for Netflix, which is another passion project of ours."

"The three of us have been friends since we were teenagers. When we're doing a project, we live together because it's just easier to keep working late." The discussion returns to Cobra Kai often after a long day of shooting Obliterated.

"There's a lot of promise ahead, and we're a lot optimistic about that next step."

Josh said when asked if Johnny would teach his kid in karate in future seasons, he replied: "We are still in 2019 in our storyline, and the seasons tend to pick up fairly similar to, if not immediately after, the previous season."

"The fact that Johnny Lawrence is expecting a child is certainly a significant piece of his development, as well as a significant evolutionary shift for his relationship with Miguel, Robby, and Carmen," he added.

The creators have also teased the coming of John Kreese, the fan favorite character played by Michael Kove, who had recently escaped from jail.

"We'll just have to wait to see what's in store for him," he added.

Seasons 1-5 of Cobra Kai are now available for streaming on Netflix.