The greatest broom in Hogwarts Legacy

The greatest broom in Hogwarts Legacy ...

The sensation of flying a Hippogriff across the Highlands in Hogwarts Legacy is hard to overdo, yet the wide variety of stylish Brooms can provide a more authentic wizard-or-witch-like experience. Despite their appearance, Brooms, regardless of their appearance, do not alter the performance in any way.

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How to Unlock the Hogwarts Legacy Bright Spark Broom

The Bright Spark Broom is a stunning piece of artisanship that features a curved saddle for support and a fancy curved tip with two hanging stars that glow bright and appealing after nightfall. However, there is a characteristic that makes this particular Broom particularly special in Hogwarts Legacy.

This unique ability is related to the unlocking of the Bright Spark Broom in Hogwarts Legacy. For reference, there are 32 groups of Balloons in each cluster, totaling 160 Balloons, and we can report that the entire process of tracking down and bursting every Balloon will take at least 53 minutes.

The “best” Bright Spark Broom in Hogwarts Legacy is contingent on two prerequisite quests: Madam Kogawa's Assignments 1 and 2. These two side quests will spawn 20 of the 160 Balloons you encounter on your journey and will only appear if you have completed the first assignment via changing the time of day once via the in-game map.