In the wake of Alfie's return, EastEnders' Phil Mitchell confesses

In the wake of Alfie's return, EastEnders' Phil Mitchell confesses ...

Here are some spoilers for EastEnders.

As Phil makes an admission, EastEnders revealed the consequences of Alfie Moon's decision to return to Walford.

Alfie returned to the Square last week, with Shane Richie reprising the role after three years away.

Despite the fact that she was all set to marry Phil, Alfie wasted no time in declaring his love for Kat.

Kat and Phil's wedding didn't go smoothly, but they have promised to tie the knot at a later date.

Alfie has renewed his hope that he may use that time to reclaim Kat from her, and he has even announced that he would do so.

The following weeks' scenes will focus on Alfie's decision to stay in Walford long-term, as he establishes a stall next to Billy's.

As he tries to sell his boat, much to Kat's disdain, he's not long before he's reverting to his old tricks.

Alfie admits that this is part of his strategy to reclaim her, and although she shoots him down, she can't help but smile as she observes him return in action.

Alfie's raffle starts to gain momentum, but Honey eventually stops him, telling him to clear the unlicenced stall much to Phil's pleasure.

Alfie finds himself again fortunate when Jean invites him to live with her despite the setback.

When Phil and Kat see Alfie moving into No.31, they realize that he has no intention of leaving.

As Phil grows irritated over Alfie, he eventually informs Kat that he overheard Alfie's love revelation. Will Kat be able to reassure him?

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