The Return of the Ghoul Boys is Teased in the 'Ghost Files' Trailer

The Return of the Ghoul Boys is Teased in the 'Ghost Files' Trailer ...

All of our favorite scary programming is returning this Halloween season, including paranormal programs like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, but the new series Ghost Files is expected to entice horror lovers later this month. In recognition of this, the Ghoul Boys have released a scary new trailer.

With this trailer you'll feel right at home with Madej and Bergara's usual tricks. We see this charming investigative pair walking through dark corridors in the most dangerous places on Earth while keeping it light with their now iconic sense of humor and banter. One of the places they'll be returning to in their first season is Waverly Hills Sanatorium. This can depict unseen movement as a stick figure and is seen in the trailer showing off a funny dancing ghoul of some sort.

There have been many great paranormal shows over the years, but there hasn't been one quite as unique as Madej and Bergaras' previous series Buzzfeed Unsolved. That hilarious horror show perfectly balanced its funny moments with the usual haunts found in a normal ghost series. It was packed with nonstop laughter, without depreciating the problem they're trying to solve.

Madej and Bergara's outstanding chemistry makes it one of the funniest TV you'll ever see. They're like a happy old married couple battling over the fact that one is a skeptic (Madej) and one's a true believer (Bergara). A dynamic that helped Buzzfeed Unsolved feel balanced and fresh in its never-ending sea of paranormal television.

The new paranormal series will feature the aftershow Debrief along with the main Ghost Files episodes. This is similar to what the pair did with Buzzfeed Unsolved, where they answered fan questions about their latest case. To get ready, click here.