Dream of a Minecraft streamer selling baby pictures

Dream of a Minecraft streamer selling baby pictures ...

I know that I am weird, but at least I'm not selling baby pictures. I only write about people who do.

This story here just takes the cake when it comes to weird things streamers do, or weird things they sell. I mean, who sells baby pictures to their fans? Dream does. I'm certain this guy also built his own Minecraft dungeon.

Jimmy's husband does the cool sort of weird stuff:

Dream is one of the most popular Minecraft content creators on YouTube. He has the worst Stan base, uhm I mean fan base you can find on Twitter. Some of them even call themselves #Dreamsexual, so they are mostly drawn to Dream's persona.


Talk about parasocial. Normally, streamers don't encourage this kind of behavior, since it can really harm them. Amouranth had a stalker move to the United States from Estonia and stalk her PO Box because he believed they were in a relationship. He even attempted to enter her house. That's terrifying!

Dream, on the other hand, seems to encourage this sort of weird parasocial behavior. He is now facing backlash, because he is selling a wristband, which contains a USB with weird stuff, like baby photos, hoping for him... I guess...

Dream, the Minecraft creator, has issued a wristband for sale to his followers that acts as a USB device and includes some of his baby pictures and "childhood emails". It is $24.99. pic.twitter.com/qVx1iTrvx3

If your goal isn't to strengthen the weird bond between you and your fan base, why would you do it?

If Ludwig, a fellow content creator, sends a message to his followers, with his video, "I am not your friend," what sort of message does a bracelet with baby pictures and other personal items send?

I don't have any baby pictures of my own family! Why would I want Dream's?!