Modern Warfare 2: Updates, Changes, and a Release Date

Modern Warfare 2: Updates, Changes, and a Release Date ...

Modern Warfare 2 continues the Call of Duty series. We have it all, including the release date, new gameplay features, weapons, maps, and more!

Vanguard is becoming tedious, and we are all waiting for Modern Warfare 2. We have already received a ton of official information about the upcoming Call of Duty game, and can test the multiplayer ourselves in the Beta this soon. Of course, you don't have the time or desire to research the entire internet ourselves, so we have summarized all of the important information about Modern Warfare 2.

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Modern Warfare 2: Everything You Need To Know

The Modern Warfare 2 beta will begin on September 16, 2022. As usual, PlayStation players will once again get access to the beta a week earlier, and those who pre-ordered will be able to begin another two days earlier.

PlatformEarly AccessOpen Beta
PlayStation onlySeptember 16-17, 2022September 18-20, 2022
Cross-Play (all platforms)September 22-23, 2022September 24-26, 2022
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MWII will be available in three different versions. All editions are already available for pre-order and partly contain cosmetics that are already used in Warzone.

  • Standard Edition
  • Cross Gen Bundle
  • Vault Edition

The first two versions of MWII are self-explanatory, but the Vault Edition is the ultimate version. It also includes the Battle Pass with 50 tier skips, early access to the beta, and a lot of exclusive goodies.

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With Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty might be reintroduced to with the next update, although Modern Warfare will be available on Steam as well.

The game will also have a new IW9 engine and will also be released for consoles with FOV slider (Field of View). This is a feature that many console gamers want for every year.

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In MWII, there will be additional movement capabilities, such as we may mantle and jump off ledges etc. ; swimming and diving will be included. Similarly, the Tac Sprint will be reinstated, although we can't shoot while sliding.

We can now swim once more. We can even swoop in and underwater or drive vehicles in or out of the water. It's very exciting. We may also be able to use our sidearm while hanging from ledges, which may result in a nasty surprise.

Modern Warfare II will be released on October 28, 2022. However, if you pre-order digitally, you may play the campaign as early as October 20. Both Vanguard and Black Ops Cold War were released in early and mid-November, respectively, so MWII will arrive slightly sooner than usual.

Modern Warfare II will include an action-packed campaign. It will feature us combating drug cartels in South America, as well as bringing back some familiar faces from the Modern Warfare franchise. According to leaks, we'll be able to interact with and give instructions to our companions, and we'll also be able to make decisions that will impact the story.

Here are the first photos of the main characters that will appear in Modern Warfare II:

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During the Call of Duty Next event, the multiplayer was publicly demonstrated, and it does include some improvements.

MWII's multiplayer maps are supposed to be more "traditional," keeping to the Infinity Ward feel. In addition, some popular maps from the original MW2 will return as remakes sometime after the release.

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In terms of weapons, we will again have a huge selection of assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, sniper rifles, DMRs, pistols, knives, launchers, and melee weapons. If you want to know more, we already have an additional article for you on weapons and attachments in MWII.

The new Gunsmith in Modern Warfare II will be interesting in that we'll go back to the usual five attachments per weapon, but we'll have an incredible array of possibilities to customize our favorite firearms to our play style.

  • Modern Warfare 2's New Gunsmith

There will, of course, be countless camos that you may use to upgrade your weapons in every CoD. The exact number is undetermined, but we can already guarantee that the grind will be real.

The game modes include all of the old familiar ones, like Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, Demolition, Search & Destroy, and other new modes. We also get the Ground War mode with big 32v32 matches as well as 3v3 modes called Raids, which are designed for very tactical gameplay. With Knockout, Prisoner Rescue, and Invasion, there are also three new 6v6 modes...

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The MWII rewards have already been leaked, like everything else. There will be four basic rewards, one bonus, and one ultimate perk, all of which will be activated gradually over the course of a match. Kills, objectives, assists, and other features will speed up the unlocking process.

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MWII Field Upgrades will also be included, including tactical cameras, a decoy mine that will activate a soldier dummy, and a DDoS device that will work similar to an EMP. A complete list of all field upgrades known to us so far can be found here:

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Killstreaks will be available in MWII, for nothing is better than a nice multikill that unlocks a chopper gunner. A UAV and a controllable bomb are also discussed, as well as a sort of napalm attack and a stealth bomber.

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Modern Warfare 2 will also have a Ranked Play mode, which is expected to be available much earlier this time around. In the past, Ranked Play was often introduced months after release, but according to the most recent information, MWII will get its Ranked Play mode shortly after release.

  • Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Mode

MWII will once again support SBMM or Skill Based Matchmaking. This time, however, it will certainly be a system that matches players with each other based on their skill level. In Vanguard, this worked as follows:

  • Vanguard: SBMM

Spec Ops will be re-released this year, as well as all previous Modern Warfare games in the Modern Warfare series. It's just that we'll be fighting AI soldiers on large maps.

Keep in mind that some of the above data is based on leaks! Some functions described above may still be changed before the release on October 28.

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