K'Sante: Splash Art, Abilities, and More - New LoL Top Lane Champion

K'Sante: Splash Art, Abilities, and More - New LoL Top Lane Champion ...

Riot is keeping a bit quiet about the next top lane champion in League of Legends, but we can make some assumptions about the Pride of Nazumah.

Riot also provided a small hint for a new top lane tank champion that will be stepping onto the rift later this year or early in 2023.

Now, in the most recent champion roadmap, a lot more information was revealed about the new champion, such as where they come from, what kind of society they are from, and whether they're male or female. Oh... and we got a name as well.

What Position Will the Next Champion Play?

The next League of Legends champion will be a top laner, as previously mentioned. Yes, Nilah will be released in LoL Patch 12.13, but we're looking further ahead at Riot's innovative melee bot.

Although we do not know much about the champion, Reav3 has revealed that the next champion after Nilah, as well as the Udyr rework, will be a top laner.

The upcoming top laner will be a tank. In the meta, it's been a while since we had a top lane tank. Last year, Riot released Gwen, who was an AP skirmisher in the top lane, who will be given a minor rework in League of Legends Patch 12.13.

Reav3 described the champion as a "high skill top lane tank" in the April 2022 Champion Roadmap, but his definition of high skill is still unclear, as most of the information about the Pride of Nazumah has yet to be released. Hopefully, in the September 2022 Roadmap, we will find more information on the next top laner.

What Will the Next Champion Look Like?

The top lane tank, according to BigBadBear on YouTube, will look like a big muscular black man. After other female champions, this will be the first guy since Akshan's release in July 2021. So, if you want a big buff champion that resembles Doomfist, this buff top laner might just be it. It would match the single image we've received from Riot.

Riot has released many champions from other ethnic backgrounds, and with Nazumah giving us Ethiopian vibes, we can totally imagine the champion to be a person of color. There is a lack of black representation in the game, so another black champion isn't asking for too much at this point?

What Abilities Does The Top Laner Have?

Riot has not revealed anything about the top laner, but judging by their ability to be a tank we can imagine them to have some Health stacking components to their kit like most tanks do these days. Will they also have a specific feature, something Riot has introduced in recent times to champions?

Maybe they'll make a quick tank for the first time since Rammus simply won't be able to do it again in 2022. However, Riot will have to reveal more about the top lane champion and their future capabilities.

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Where is the Top Lane Champion From?

Nazumah, a brand-new Shurimah district, is the new top laner. According to the most recent champion roadmap, people of Nazumah do not bow to Azir and they live in the desert with their only source of water being an oasis.

The people of Nazumah had to fight tooth and nail against evil in order to obtain their spot at this Oasis 500 years ago. They won and managed to consolidate their society.

K'Sante is the pride of Nazumah as he continues to battle the same monsters that had once attempted to take control of the oasis. He once fought the largest being in the desert and won.

Out of the hide of the monster, he created his unique weapon, the Ntofo. This is a massive and blunt weapon that must be used defensively, but it may be shattered at any moment, revealing carefully crafted blades. The hide is able to regenerate into its normal state though.

When Will the New Top Lane Champion Be Released?

K'Sante will be released in League of Legends Patch 12.21. The champions skin will be released on November 3, 2022, and Patch 12.21 will be available shortly thereafter. This coincides perfectly with the Worlds Finals, where Lil Nas X will be performing his new song.