In the Hogwarts Legacy, how do you get to Marunweem Lake?

In the Hogwarts Legacy, how do you get to Marunweem Lake? ...

Hogwarts Legacy is packed with unusual places to discover. Some of them are packed with puzzles and quests, while others are packed with enemies and interesting artifacts. This guide explains how to get to Marunweem Lake, a place packed with some of the game's finest mounts.

What is the route to Marunweem Lake?

To reach Marunweem Lake, you need to go to the bottom of Hogwarts Legacy's map. The dungeon is called Tomb of Treachery, and it's the lowest point you can reach by broomstick. You'll need to climb the hill to get to it; then look for the entrance to the cave nearby.

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The tomb of Treachery is dotted with goblins that will take you down if you catch them. The easiest way to get through was to cast the Disillusionment Charm, which you earn from the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest. Move around the Goblins who stand guard or patrol the cave. If you find them blocking the path, fire a wand blast at a wall nearby to distract them and allow you to escape.

At the cave entrance, you'll have to defeat a group of Goblins with an boss enemy, Ogbert the Odd, who you can defeat with Ancient Magic, leaving two or three more for you to tackle afterwards. Always pay attention to their shields and counter spells, and you'll be able to fly to your destination.

Open the map and mark the Marunweem Lake Floo Flame on your map, and fly there at your leisure. If you want to go directly there and trigger the Floo Flame, you should be able to return there in the future. This is one of the locations you can find Thestrals in, so locate a herd.