The Top 10 Minecraft Secret Base Ideas, Designs, and Concepts

The Top 10 Minecraft Secret Base Ideas, Designs, and Concepts ...

It's a great game to play solo, but it can be even better if you're playing on a server with other players. Occasionally, you may want to play with other players you don't necessarily trust. It might be a "every man for himself" challenge with friends, or a public server filled with strangers. Here are ten strategies, ideas, and strategies to keep your base hidden from others in Minecraft.

The best 10 Minecraft secret Base ideas

One of the easiest ways to conceal a base is by using a Bed. This technique works great, but it has a few disadvantages. You can glitch through it by lying down and getting up. The spawn mechanics will always position you to the west on the pillow side, even through blocks.

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The oldest and most likely most straightforward technique of concealing your base is to construct a dirt wall. Look for a hill with two dirt wall sides, and replace them as soon as you're inside. You can mark the entrance with something that blends in, such as a plant.

This technique involves designing a base that is outfitted and equipped with the basic items you would expect, while concealing a true secret base nearby. That way, if someone discovers your fake base, they might presume that they have found it, and it's nothing special, while your true base is hidden somewhere nearby, and that's where you store all of your valuable items, crafts, and resources.

Flush Piston doors are an excellent option if you're constructing your base in the mountains. Redstone dust, pistons, and Repeaters make this technique a lot more challenging. Naturally, you'll want to hide the outside button behind some vegetation in the future.

Treetop bases are great for hiding your base somewhere nobody will see them, because they're so popular among Minecraft players. The simpler option is to cut out the foliage to create a small hidden base, furnished with just enough essentials.

The other option allows you to construct a larger treetop base. This can be done in a Jungle biome, where the canopy of trees is connected with each other. In this case, you would leave the bottom of the canopy intact while building above it, connecting the trees to an Ewok village-like structure.

You probably know that in Minecraft, you can walk through cleverly positioned paintings, such as those that are placed on signs rather than blocks. You can also use paintings to hide other features, such as buttons, doors, and other items. As long as you position the paintings above ground, remember to add bricks that you can climb on to reach the painting's entrance.

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This method of base entry is an improvement on the above-mentioned Bed technique. You'll be using a hidden Minecart to enter the base, and another one to exit. You'll also need a Hoe equipped to reveal the entrance. Here's how it works.

Place a Minecart one block away from your hidden underground or hillside base, and place a second block in front of it, obscuring the cart behind it. Remove the grass, making the Minecart more interactive. Now exit the cart and resume moving to your base, following the bed method. Do the same with another Minecart to create an exit from the base.

The finest way to hide your base from everyone is to exploit Minecraft's oceanic depths. Look for a suitable depth trench and build a structure there. You can also build a hidden elevator shaft if you don't want to dive to get there every time.

Another option is to create a terrain feature in the water, conceal it with algae, and shape the corridor around to protect your base from internal light.

This method is only supported in Minecraft's Java version, where crawling is enabled. You may also use timed pistons or trapdoors to decorate the outside perimeter. For example, you may substitute scaffolding from a certain point for an underground base.

No one would suspect that an underground hidden base exists beneath a dangerous pool of lava. You can create a technique such as Oak Fence Gates (all open), that will keep the lava from spilling down, followed by another layer of open gates. To get out of the base, you can make a different route, or use a Forework Rocket to get out the way you left it.