All Battle Pass Skins for Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 have been leaked

All Battle Pass Skins for Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 have been leaked ...

The first Fortnite Battle Pass skins for Chapter 3, Season 4, have been revealed, and we'll show you how they look like!

The fans are so excited about chapter 3, Season 4 and the content! So far, some leaks and rumors have been circulating on the internet, but the most outrageous teasers were released by Epic Games themselves! Including four teasers for upcoming Battle Pass skins

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If you don't want to know what skins will be included in Season 4 Battle Pass, please stop scrolling right now.

Because we only warn you once. Spoilers follow!

Fortnite Season 4: Neue Battle Pass Skins

The Battle Royale community has already received three Spider-Man outfits, but none of them have received as much attention as the Spider-Gwen-oriented skin, according to previous leaks. But now, the PlayStation Store teaser states that Gwen Stacy will be included in the game at some point.

Meowscles is finally making his return to Fortnite, having been previously introduced in Chapter 2, Season 2, and has been a fan favorite since. He's also very adorable. The upcoming version of the character will have a darker, goth-like appearance that will still appeal to his players.

She has been a popular Fortnite character in several occasions, and it appears that she will reprise her role in Chapter 3, Season 4. It was initially unclear who this hand might belong to, but now it has become clear that she is going to be voiced by Brie Larson next season. Perhaps similar to The Rock, the Paradigm will get a helmetless version, which might reveal the actress underneath.

The Xbox Store teaser showed a chromed hand with a prodigious future. Epic has already stated that everything will be devoured by chrome in Season 4, as well as many other quite strange real-life teasers, but the theory is that one of the cast members from the recent Fortnite poll will join the Battle Pass.

So, these were all the teasers for the time being. We're all excited for Sunday when the final skins will be revealed.