The New Gunsmith in Modern Warfare 2 | This Is How It Works

The New Gunsmith in Modern Warfare 2 | This Is How It Works ...

Call of Duty has made the ability to customize your weapons a major part, and over the past few years, there have been a slew of different systems. This year, let's see what Infinity Ward have done.

Infinity Ward is going even further with their revamp of the gunsmith system in MW 2019 and it was considered a major success.

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How does the Gunsmith in MW2 work?

When you unlock a weapon, you're unlocking a "platform." For each platform (like the AR-15 or the SCAR), you can change the receiver in three or four different ways to create a different weapon. For example, you can change the receiver to fire either 9 mm or.50 Beowulf cartridges, instead of.556, thereby converting the weapon from an AR to an SMG or a DMR.

Below you can see a selection of AR-15 receivers (Call of Duty does not pay for licenses to use the actual names of weapons in their game, they just make up fictional ones, but the FTAC Recon is clearly the DMR variant, the Icarus will be the belt-fed LMG, and the M16 will allow for burst-fire)

Receivers can be regarded as the "core" attachment, which is the one that completely transforms the weapon. Those "standard attachments," as we'll call them, are the same ones you'll have previously unlocked for every weapon that also takes that attachment. And, even better, you can now customize different attachments with different skins. Perfect for those who like to customize good skins.

Okay, so I hope this wasn't too confusing. But if it wasn't, and you're still interested in more gun talk, check out all the weapons confirmed for Modern Warfare 2.

We like the new Gunsmith's sound, but we're even more excited about some of the game's exciting new movement mechanics: