The Super Bowl refers to the premiere date for Squid Game season 2

The Super Bowl refers to the premiere date for Squid Game season 2 ...

Let's just say we fully understand if you're looking for a Squid Game season 2 premiere date tonight. After all, GM brought up the Netflix hit during their Super Bowl commercial!

Is it surprising that someone managed to incorporate this program into their program? No. Just remember for a moment how popular it is, let alone how appealing the costumes and subject matter are. This is easily something that you can use to stimulate discussion in the blink of an eye.

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Here is the bad news in the aftermath of the commercial: You will not get season 2 anytime soon. Squid Game was likely to be licensed for the ad because it gives it some publicity and keeps the show in the public eye for a while longer. Production on season 2 has yet to begin, although there are virtually no plans for them until at least 2024.

We said this recently, but we wouldn't be surprised if there would be a commercial for season 2 during the 2024 Super Bowl. That would make the most sense when you consider the show's timeline and also the amount of money that Netflix is willing to spend on it. We just hope that this season will live up to the enormous amount of hype.

Is there any expectation of a Super Bowl reveal?

Are you glad that the show at least got mentioned during the big game? Be sure to share it right now in the comments! After you finish, go back for more information. (Photo: Netflix.)

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