Employees at Ubisoft blame the company's toxic culture for continuing to have difficulties

Employees at Ubisoft blame the company's toxic culture for continuing to have difficulties ...

Employees at Ubisoft are blaming the company's toxic culture for the persistent workplace misconduct.

Ubisoft has been accused of several workplace mishaps over the last two years, many of which have resulted in several men leaving the company. However, Ubisoft employees have recently advocated for a reorganization of the company, according to an Axios report.

During meetings in Paris, Ubisoft Game Designer Marc Rutschle told Axios that it's not harassers that create a toxic culture.

Rutschle is a Ubisoft Game Designer for four years, who has worked out of the company's Paris office, where he formed a union chapter in March 2020 because of misconduct. One year later, his union filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Ubisoft.

Although he believes that the removal of some problematic employees from the business has helped, Rutschle believes that further structural change must be taken in order for things to continue to improve. He is hoping that the lawsuit against Ubisoft will provide explanations.

Rutschle told Axios that the toxic individuals who left the company, because a large portion of them had just left the organization and were not fired, never gave any explanation for their behavior. This will be the opportunity to hear them, in court.

Rutschle's concern about transparency was not just a concern for the company, as many other Ubisoft employees around the world have expressed their concerns about how others find it difficult to determine the truth.

The only issue that I see as resolved is that Ubisoft employees are aware of the issues, according to one Ubisoft developer who spoke out. Not because of management, but because of brave employees who spoke out and continue to speak out.

According to Axios, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot commented on the ongoing worker dissatisfaction, and stated that the company would welcome input on any concerns that have not been resolved.

While other Ubisoft employees have cited improvements over the last two years, Ubisoft employees are expressing hope for Ubisoft to begin and expand its diversity and inclusion team so that the company culture continues to evolve. As unionization efforts within the company continue, it appears that Ubisoft may face further changes in the future.