When Calls the Heart Season 10 premiere date: EP on long wait

When Calls the Heart Season 10 premiere date: EP on long wait ...

When Calls the Heart season 10 premiere on the Hallmark Channel will take place until summer, as many of you know. Let's just say that we are right there with you. We really expected the program to air this spring, but it would launch a little later than it has in the past.

We think it's relatively easy to deduce possible explanations for the delay, though for us personally, the greatest one is that Hallmark wants to use the winter and spring to develop new programs, acknowledging that they already have an audience with When Calls the Heart and it'll be fine with a schedule change. We know that there will be conspiracy theorists out there who claim that this is a major sign of trouble for the show, but ultimately, we're not willing to go there just yet.

Executive producer Brian Bird offered his view in a tweet recently on Twitter, and with that, made it clear that there isn't much to worry about right now:

As I said before, there are many reasons for every decision [in regards to the show being rescheduled]. And trust me, we are very strong in the demos that matter to us. May I suggest, rather than fretting and speculating, embrace the optimism with me.

If people watch, we don't think the delay will affect the long-term future much. The only thing we're concerned about here is whether or not Season 11's production will be altered.

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