In Street Fighter 6, Ken Masters isnt a divorced dad; he is a motion picture hero in the works

In Street Fighter 6, Ken Masters isnt a divorced dad; he is a motion picture hero in the works ...

Capcom has been firmly in keeping an eye on Street Fighter 6's hype, including new information about the characters, mechanics, modes, and an upcoming closed beta, but most of it pales in comparison to finally getting an explanation for what has happened to everyone's favorite pure-hearted-yet-arogant family man, Ken Masters.

Depressed and Divorced Ken will have likely popped up on your screen at some point, showing a disheveled blonde who appeared to havent showered or slept in a bed in years.

David Liu shares a link to D.SLOOGS (@dsloogie) in a tweet.

Ken appeared to be a complete departure from any of his previous creations, although the majority of the SF6 roster's character images were released just a day after the game received its first trailer in June.

Ken's appearance alone became a source of worry why he would appear so gloomy in contrast to his usual arrogant, but gentle-natured self from the dozens of previous Street Fighter films. From visual comparisons to Terry Bogard's appearance in Garou: Mark of the Wolves, to fans claiming that he needed to master the Satsui no Hobo, Ken's reputation became a disaster.

Sf6 made me think of ken going through depression.

The community jumped on the opportunity to discover alleged story information that characterised him as a divorced father who was being described as a washed up fighter. He might take his aggression to the next level before a sort of redemption is completed in the story.

Capcom put all of that speculation aside in a massive info dump for Tokyo Game Show 2022, including character descriptions for Ken that indicate that he is not in fact dealing with a family crisis, but rather an action movie hero.

Ken Masters isn't divorced and isn't going through a deep midlife crisis, he's got the Mad Gear Gang framing him, and he's on the run trying to clear his good name.Capcom took what was going to be a sad character turn and turned it into a bad ass action film plot

Oh, and Capcom has confirmed that they are very aware of the memes.

Ken still loves his family (and hates business meetings), but has been forced to abandon them and his company for their own safety due to accusations of orchestrating a criminal plot that led him to conceal as a global shipping company.

No, the leaks about his character were spot on, although there is still that extended family bond at its core, and it isnt exactly a pleasant change. Just look at what they did to his Street Fighter III win pose and you'll discover all you need to know.

His smile.gone. #StreetFighter6

Ken is on the run and likely to try and clear his name, so it's very possible that his best friend and adversary Ryu will intervene and assist him in the games' narrative mode. Maybe that secret portion about Luke being the one to help him out of this mess will come true.

Ken and Ryu's ongoing, loving, brotherly friendship was so much more worthwhile.

Kens might end up being one of the most interesting segments of the World Tour, since players will create their own character and learn from the fighters as their students in SF6. It might lead to investigation, beating up criminals, and helping the former US National Fighting Champion reclaim his fame once and for all.

Terry Bogard's memes and comparisons are unlikely to come to an end anytime soon, but now there is room for further speculation. There were even deep lies in certain sections of the stories that still stand strong today.


Rose mentions two bright stars in the sky when losing to Menat in SFV, although that one seems to be fading out. He isn't much better, posing questions about how brightly Ken will burn when nighttime approaches, likely referencing dark times in his future.

Menat and Rose are predicting Ken's downfall arc#StreetFighter6

This can still be taken as a foreshadowing for the games narrative since SFV is played before SF6 is played out in the timeline, although we will have to wait and see what happens next. At least we know that Ken continues to fight for his family, and a happy conclusion is on the table once all is said and done, as every good action film requires.