What is Street Fighter 6's Battle Hub?

What is Street Fighter 6's Battle Hub? ...

The reveal of Street Fighter 6 included an overview of the game's latest features. The Battle Hub is a unique in-game space where players can meet and interact with other players. It's also a great place to meet other players and socialize within the community.

Whats included in the Battle Hub?

The Battle Hub is designed to be a more engaging waiting area, without the need for menus or long wait times. Players are connected to arcade-style, one-versus-one multiplayer lobbies through the use of Battle Cabinets set up around the hub.

The Battle Hubs Game Center has retro versions of older Street Fighter games and other Capcom titles. While these virtual machines may not support local multiplayer for those who are still dedicated to Street Fighter II, they do feature global high-score leaderboards. These mini-games give the more competitive Street Fighters playerbase a chance to compete in other ways.

The Event Counter is connected to the Battle Hub, where players may plan and promote community-run tournaments. In addition, the Hub Goods Shop allows players to customize their Battle Hub avatar with additional clothing items and other cosmetics. This custom character can also be included in the series' brand new World Tour mode.