How 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind' Can Teach Us To Thrive In Our Current Climate Crisis

How 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind' Can Teach Us To Thrive In Our Current Climate Crisis ...

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, directed by Hayao Miyazaki, depicts a world that has been destroyed by a catastrophe that has spread across the entire earth. Anyone who enters one of these jungles and breathes in these harmful spores longer than five minutes is sentenced to death. Any loud noises outside the wild might awaken the massive insects in their rage.

While the earth is attempting to repair the damage caused by the wars a thousand years ago, the remaining humans' efforts to survive seem to be bringing them closer to the brink of extinction. The smaller faction seems to have chosen to settle in a valley that provides natural protections from the spread of the jungle, but their way of life depends on seclusion from any of the other humans.

We Can Apply These Lessons to Fight Our Real Climate Crisis

Our reactions to the impending catastrophes have mirrored much of what is shown in this film. The recommendations we can take from Nausicaas' perspective are the greatest ways to live peacefully working to be in harmony with the environment around us rather than fearlessly attempting to control nature.

The whole surface of our planet may not be completely scorched, but we are facing a slew of severe long-term droughts, massive floods and massive migration crises as a result of climate change. These are all reactions that we see in the Nausicaa world's factions. Some individuals are knowledgeable and courageous enough to stand against the majority that seem to be contributing to human suffering.

Nausicaa spends a great deal of time exploring the toxic jungle before the conflict lands in the Valley of the Wind. While there, she makes as many detailed observations as she can about the behavior of the insects and spores she encounters, while collecting samples in vials from time to time. This gives us an idea of where her adventurous and curious spirit stems from. When we see an Ohm, the beetle-like insects as large as a warehouse, she is stunned and excited by the discovery

When Lord Yupa shows her a scared, young fox-squirrel, she assures him that she has everything she need to do in order to get what they need in the end. Her empathy for all living creatures is evident in her willingness to do whatever she can do.

The Downside of Power and Control

The two major factions are the Tolmekians, led by the ruthless Princess Kushana (Uma Thurman) and the Pejites, who we get to know through the spunky and rebellious Asbel (Shia LaBeouf). Both of these groups are battling for control of an ancient weapon that will destroy all the toxic jungles and help them control the remaining humans. Because they are so hungry for power and control, and since they have no clue about the consequences of

The way Nausicaa has done it isnt clear that the petrified woods from old forests are purifying the topsoil and groundwater deep in the earths surface to repair the damage that humans have caused. They also dont understand that the weapon theyre planning to use will only make matters worse for the humans.

If we try to do things the way weve always done them for the benefit of power and control, it will only make everything worse for everyone. We must go further than the people of the Valley of the Wind who came to life in harmony, but remained mute in fear for the rest of humanity.

Nausicaas desire to see the good in everything is what leads her to the true solution to the earth's problems. She learns how to calm and redirect the Ohm because she understands the value of their existence, even when she isn't qualified to know anything about it. She discovers how to take soil and water from deep in the earth to purify the plants from the toxic jungle because she sees the value in the plants and wants them to be improved. She is profoundly regretful of killing some soldiers, even

The most important thing we can learn from Nausicaa is that we should see the value of every living thing without quantifying or prioritizing any living thing over the others. No living thing is any more or less valuable than the next, and we all deserve to be nurtured and cared for. If we can finally find a way of life that helps all of us maintain a flourishing planet