The Story Of A Show Was Written Into A Play 10 Times An Actor's Pregnancy Was Written Into A Show

The Story Of A Show Was Written Into A Play 10 Times An Actor's Pregnancy Was Written Into A Show ...

Pregnancy is a special event in life. However, when a pregnant actor becomes a TV star, it requires a great deal of thought and effort from the showrunners and writers. They can either put their thinking caps on and figure out how to include the actress' pregnancy in the narrative.

Hidden pregnancy might be easier in the first few months, but it gets particularly frustrating in the later stages when the actor has to either be shown from the chest up or sitting at all times. The problem with that is that it becomes increasingly difficult for the writers to include such instances throughout the ongoing storyline while still portraying the actor as actively contributing to the plot. Therefore, some may argue it is better to include the actors' character in the program as well.

Lisa Kudrow - Friends

Lisa Kudrow in Friends is a well-known example of this situation. During the run-time of the program, she stole the hearts of a lot of viewers, even years later.

Phoebe was far from finding her soulmate in real life. So, the creators had her half-brother and his wife both seem adamant about having kids, and when they discovered they couldnt, they sent Phoebe a proposal. She agrees to be their surrogate, and that introduces the audience to pregnant Phoebe.

Melissa Fumero - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Melissa Fumero played Amy, who was a nerdy and adorable ninja in one of the best comedy series on TV in recent times - Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Both of her real-life pregnancy were integrated very inventively into the narrative.

Jake and Amy's first pregnancy was towards the end of Season 3, where she goes to jail undercover as a pregnant convict. This was a tactic to encourage a very pregnant Fumero to be a part of the plotline actively. In Season 7, Jake and Amy finally conceive and have their first child.

Jenna Fischer - The Office

Jenna Fischer played Pam in the Office, who's admired her throughout the seasons. However, they had their first child together in the fifth season, which was further developed as a result.

The authors decided to conceal Fischer's belly and make Pam pregnant with baby no.2, paving the way for a hilarious conflict between Angela and Pam as both the characters became pregnant at the same time.

Emily Deschanel - Bones

Emily Deschanel, who played Dr Temperance Brennan on the long-running television series Bones, has had significant personal changes over the years. During the twelve years that Deschanel played Dr Temperance, she had two children.

The Bones' writers chose to include both of Deschanel's pregnancies in their respective seasons, unusually. The first pregnancy surprised fans, but it certainly pushed them closer together. When the second pregnancy happened, the characters were already married, making the process much simpler.

Chelsea Peretti - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Gina Linnetti was an icon in herself, with her sassy and funny civil worker qualities that every government agency require. Her charisma and cheerful remarks enthused everyone, but her love for women was far less prolific (Exhibit A: Charles Boyle).

The creators saw Peretti becoming a little human and loving by making her pregnant as well. This also added the mystery father of her child.

Melissa McCarthy - Gilmore Girls

Sookie St.James was a wonderful companion and business partner for a girl. She was extremely sweet, kind, and always the best cook in the room. Her culinary abilities might have been inferior, but as a supporting character, she was certainly one of the best!

Due to the actors' real-life pregnancy in the last season of the CW drama, McCarthy's character in Gilmore Girls became pregnant.

Alyson Hannigan - How I Met Your Mother

Even though she was not intended to be pregnant in the fourth season of How I Met Your Mother, we saw a tiny glimpse of Alyson Hannigan's first pregnancy. This was when she was shown participating in a hot dog eating competition. This was a hilarious scene as her little belly was shown being full of hot dogs she ate.

When Lily and Marshall get pregnant in Season 7, their second pregnancy became a part of the plot.

America Ferrera - Superstore

While filming for the third season of Superstore, America Ferrera discovered she was expecting her first child. Although it might have been straightforward to conceal Ferrera's pregnancy while she played Amy, the authors chose to use it to enhance Cloud 9.

Amy is in a vulnerable position when she formally begins dating Jonah in season three.

Melissa Rauch - The Big Bang Theory

Bernadette and Howard were the first couple to get serious and build an adult lifestyle on The Big Bang Theory. They get married, buy a house, and embark on a fruitful marital adventure. Even though they were shown to have a disagreement about having kids, they eventually became pregnant for the first time in Season 10.

But when Rauch became pregnant in real life, the couple decided to include this aspect of the plot by making the couple expecting their second child shortly after, in Season 11.

Cynthia Nixon - 'Sex And The City'

Both Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie, and Cynthia Nixon, who played Miranda, were expecting their first child in the actual life. However, only one person's pregnancy was mentioned during the season.

Because they wanted Carrie to not be single parents, the authors chose to have Miranda give birth. This was a wise decision by the writers, because it allowed Miranda and her erratic lover to make a commitment to one another and get married. The birth episode ("I Heart NY") is also one of the show's finest hours.