Help with Wordle's 5-letter game: H, T, and U

Help with Wordle's 5-letter game: H, T, and U ...

Wordle is a casual game, and many gamers like to play it in the morning on breaks from work accompanied by a coffee.

Despite its simplicity, there are still other interesting ways to play that may surprise you. One unusual technique is to transform the game into a sort of anagram. This method is also an excellent way to finish a game in no time, because you dont have to think about each of the words that will be guessed.

The first step is to have a list of four or five words that do not have any repeated letters. Thus, the four or five initial attempts will already be defined when the game begins. In the end, there is a good possibility that the five letters of the correct answer will turn yellow, and it will only be necessary to reorganize what was found to obtain the correct answer.

If youve made your initial guesses and only discovered that the correct answer has the letters H, T, and U, here are a few five-letter words with H, T, and U, sorted alphabetically, so youll have less to deal with when it comes to filtering your choices.

Wordle uses five-letter words with H, T, and U.

  • aught
  • bahut
  • bhuts
  • butch
  • chout
  • chute
  • couth
  • cutch
  • dhuti
  • dutch
  • fouth
  • furth
  • ghaut
  • hault
  • haunt
  • haute
  • houts
  • hunts
  • hurst
  • hurts
  • hutch
  • hutia
  • kutch
  • mouth
  • musth
  • mutch
  • mutha
  • oucht
  • ought
  • phuts
  • quoth
  • routh
  • ruths
  • shout
  • shtum
  • shtup
  • shunt
  • shute
  • shuts
  • south
  • tahou
  • teuch
  • teugh
  • thous
  • thrum
  • thuds
  • thugs
  • thuja
  • thumb
  • thump
  • thunk
  • thurl
  • thuya
  • touch
  • tough
  • truth
  • tuath
  • tushy
  • uneth
  • unhat
  • youth

Wordle accepts all of the words on this list, giving you more clues as to whether or not a letter is present in the word of the day. Another good tip to get it right as soon as possible is to discover which other vowels are present in the word of the day, since Wordle tends to pick more common words as the answer.

These helpful suggestions should aid you in completing your most recent Wordle task.