Who Is Behind the Bandages in the 'Goodnight Mommy' Remake? - The Ending Is Explained

Who Is Behind the Bandages in the 'Goodnight Mommy' Remake? - The Ending Is Explained ...

Editor's note: The following sections contain spoilers for both the original 2014 version and the 2022 remake of Goodnight Mommy. Proceed with caution.

Goodnight Mommy, a 2014 Austrian horror film, is one of the most terrifying projects of the past decade. Amazon Prime has released a film by director Matt Sobel based on the original. Cameron Crovetti and Nicholas Crovetti star as the two young twins, Elias and Lukas. The boys begin to suspect that the woman pretending to be their mother (Naomi Watts) is a deception with malicious intentions.

The boys enter their mothers country house to cover up a recent surgical procedure. The mother is an accomplished actress, so the procedure itself isnt that unusual. However, the boys begin to suspect who she is and what she did with their real mother.

Signs of Concern

Elias and Lukas first notice signs that their mother isnt remembering things that she should. She prevents them from going outdoors in their barn, forgets the words to a bedtime song that they are used to hearing, and tears up a picture that Elias created for her. She now has green eyes, rather than the blue ones that they remember. Elias even sees her dancing in front of a mirror as if she is just getting used to her new body.

Lukas and Elias become convinced that their real mother has been kidnapped and is in desperate need of their help. They manage to escape to a neighbor's house, but the police return them to their mother, who has now taken off her mask of bandages.

Elias discovers green contact lenses in his mothers purse and realizes that Lukas has covered them up in order to keep Elias from discovering the truth. Why did he go to school? He didn't exist at the time.

Lukas is a manifestation of Elias' guilt. Lukas is a manifestation of Elias' inner thoughts playing out.

Grief, Identity, and Mothers Fate

Trauma is to blame for Elias' strange behavior. She is coping with the death of her son and cannot bear to look at her in the same way again. All of her happy childhood activities (such as singing bedtime songs) have gone to waste. She is now a completely different person.

Elias' mother most likely prevented him from playing in the barn because that's where their fathers rifle was discovered. He is nevertheless not willing to accept the evidence. After his mother shows him the evidence, Elias pushes her off a pillar in their barn. The barn is engulfed in darkness.

The Cycle Continues

Elias falls down in a field and begins to sob. Both his mother and Lukas are there, and they embrace him. The mother tells him that he didnt do anything wrong; now he cannot bear the truth that he is also responsible for his mother's death.