Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Final 2 deals; videos from home

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Final 2 deals; videos from home ...

One thing is starting to feel very clear as we approach the end of day 73 in theBig Brother 24house: Were going to be in for a long run of constant game-talks that go nowhere.

Is it possible that Monte might make a decision about who he wants to take to the final three at some point? Sure, but after winning the Power of Veto early this morning, he's quite comfortable in his ways: He's taking Turner and leaving Brittany.

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Brittany knows that her goose is cooked, although she hasnt been formally informed. He also stated previously that he believes his trust in the game might be restored. It isn't going to work, as Monte seems to be adamant about going with what improves his own chances of winning the game.

Everyone who left received video messages from home, which were certain to be a part of an upcoming episode. Isn't this nice?

We know that Turner and Monte have a one, but earlier today Monte danced around telling Turner for certain that he is still taking him. Then he tried to make a conversation with Taylor, who has kinda-sorta agreed to it. We still think Brittany wants to keep her options open with her.

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