In the world of law, partner track faces off against racism and sexism

In the world of law, partner track faces off against racism and sexism ...

The following article contains spoilers for all of Season 1 of Partner Track.Partner Track has become a topic of discussion on social media not only due to the steamy romances and tensions, but also due to the way different workplace issues are handled and depicted on the program.

Arden Choas Ingrid Yun, a young and idealistic lawyer who is eager to join Parsons Valentine & Hunt's Mergers & Acquisitions division, has moved to New York City from London after a passionate weekend encounter with Jeff Murphy (Dominic Sherwood). Now, Ingrid must navigate her way towards her dream job while attempting to contain her anger.

Partner Track is a legal show before anything else, so besides sexual tensions, brewing relationships, and family difficulties, we also get to see how the lawyers work in a fast-paced, prestigious law firm.

Ingrid Is Overworked and Underappreciated

Ingrid, a second-generation Korean-American lawyer and daughter to Korean immigrants, is always under pressure to perform exceptionally well and be a role model to her younger sister. She is known to be extremely intelligent and driven, often at the expense of her personal life. However, there are times when Ingrid is too stressed or distracted to care about others.

Ingrid, who is overqualified and competent in becoming a partner, does not have to do this very often, mainly because she has to deal with the legalities that come with being an Asian woman in a male-dominated company. This show knows how to depict that all-too-real battle succinctly and wisely.

Ingrid has been passed over for her much-deserved promotion.

Ingrid attends the much-awaited law firm dinner where they will announce who will be the next partners, for example, because they all believe that Ingrid's becoming a partner is already a done deal. She worked tirelessly. She was the lead on a huge and massive case. She is enraged that one of the few high-ranking Asian American women at the company has not given her such a recognition in the first place.

Ingrid has received so much hope for the organization in the previous episodes that she confronts Marty and says she is resentful of what she has done for the organization. Especially when she fails to stand up for her friends when they are harmed by racism and sexism. Ingrid has also shown that she is compassionate towards her coworkers.

Marty tells Ingrid that Jeff told her about her arrest in the finale. She never seems to get a well-deserved break.

Tyler is also subject to discrimination and racism at the firm.

Tyler, a Black IP lawyer at the same firm, was blasted in another instance. Dan Fallon (Nolan Gerard Funk) makes a racist comment towards Tyler, even though he claims it's not that big of a deal. Tyler politely replies, but his actions are essentially dismissed.

Dan takes to the stage for the talent show in a passive-aggressive manner, making it seem like Tyler's remarks were too much. What makes it even more terrible is that when Tyler is in that situation, he cannot even approach the managing partners because they are also laughing with Dan.

Tyler tells Ingrid that he is leaving. Angry, Ingrid contacts Marty about what just happened with Dan. Days later, Tyler files a complaint with HR, claiming that Dan has always done an outstanding job with his cases and that it would be a waste to punish him for making some jokes.

Partner Track Looks at Discrimination Closely

It's a given that some things are just shattered in a fast-paced and high-demand workplace like this. Partner Track addresses that by making characters such as Ingrid and Tyler the ones who challenge those kinds of people. This approach isnt always smooth, but it shows the authenticity behind the push. Sexism and racism are addressed here with such vulnerability yet no hesitation because it is what it is in many workplaces.

Because of the cliffhanger, there are still many issues that need to be addressed, but without a formal renewal confirmation, we will not be getting the answers anytime soon. So in the meantime, you may watch Season 1 of Partner Track, now available on Netflix.