Minecraft How to Breed Villagers

Minecraft How to Breed Villagers ...

Villagers in Minecraft have a variety of useful uses, including as workers and as traders. This guide on how to breed Villagers in Minecraft will certainly assist you in your quest to increase the number of Villagers in your base.

Minecraft has evolved into the most popular game in the world, and to meet the needs of millions of unique players, the designers have added several new features, including copper and spy glasses.

Having said that, some Minecraft features are still as important as they were a decade ago. The most prominent example of this is Villagers, who have assisted players through trading since the beginning of the game.

Breeding Villagers is a popular pastime among players who wish to enhance their trading options and make their Overworld less lonely. Follow this guide on how to breed Villagers in Minecraft.

  • Materials required to breed Villagers in Minecraft and how to get them
  • Steps to breed Villagers in Minecraft
  • How to create an automatic Villager breeding system in Minecraft

Minecraft's Materials and How to Get Villagers

To successfully breed Villagers in Minecraft, you'll need the following resources:

  • Two Villagers.
  • Three beds
  • Food

To get Villagers, you can simply visit a village, and we already have a detailed guide on how to find a village in Minecraft.

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Beds may be easily created with wool, wood, and a crafting table. For more information, read this guide on how to make a bed in Minecraft.

Villagers eat bread, carrots, potatoes, or beetroots. You'll need a large quantity of any of these foods to raise them.

Minecraft: How to Build Villagers

You may use boats in Minecraft to capture and move Villagers at your own risk. Simply place a boat in front of the Villager and allow them to walk into it. The boat traps the Villager and you may take the vehicle across land and sea effortlessly.

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Alternately, you may also provide a two-block-tall barrier to two Villagers.

Place beds around your Minecraft Villagers when they are in a restricted area because the baby they will produce will require a bed.

A Minecraft bed is only effective if it has two blocks of free space above it.

Villagers in Minecraft only breed when they are willing, and food aids in boosting a Villager's willingness. Bread is the most effective food item to do so, followed by Carrots, Potatoes, and Beetroot.

The effect of each food item in the game on Villagers' willingness is the following:

Food itemAmount required to make a Villager willing to breed

Once you have collected the desired food items, you must throw them at Villagers until two hearts appear above their heads. Wait for the Villagers to breed, and a baby Villager will spawn in some time.

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The baby Villager grows up in about 20 minutes, and you can give them a job and begin trading. By repeating this process, you can add a slew of Villagers to your Minecraft world.

Minecraft: How to Create an Automatic Villager Breeding System

If you place your Villagers in Minecraft in a garden, they will harvest and consume crops, increasing their willingness automatically.

All you need to do is place more beds than the Villagers in an automatic breeding system.

This article explains everything you need to know about Minecraft's Villagers. For more information, see our taming and breeding guides for turtles, llamas, horses, foxes, and axolotls.

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