Ti Wests Unexpected X Franchise

Ti Wests Unexpected X Franchise ...

The birth of original horror franchises is rare. Ti West managed to get a sequel approved and shot back-to-back with the first film earlier this year, according to distributor A24. Now, following the premiere of Pearl, Ti West has announced that there will be a third film titled MaXXXine, which is usually a surprise for horror enthusiasts.

From Halloween and Scream to The Conjuring, many well-known movies and characters have been created for decades. However, in recent years, there has been a short supply of original horror series. Some original films of recent years are lucky enough to develop a sequel, though that does not guarantee a successful franchise. In 2021, horror enthusiasts were treated to Netflix's Fear Street trilogy, which was released across three weeks that summer. It appeared to be doing well enough, although more films have been teased.

Ti West's decision is still extremely shocking, especially after West admitted that he had never intended to do a prequel, and it was due to the two-week quarantine when he arrived in New Zealand that he wrote it, which both were shot back-to-back on the same set. X and Pearl were thought to be a great surprise for horror enthusiasts, as something like this never happens. In fact, horror can be very low-cost and still reach great heights, especially in the slasher genre

Ti West had another surprise on his sleeves earlier this week when he announced MaXXine as the third installment of the Pearl trilogy, with Mia Goth returning to play the titular character. As per the teaser, X is expected to begin production soon.

A24 saw potential in West's inventive concept of his franchise. Each film is a different story, while Pearl is based on Hollywood's technicolor past rather than rehashing the X style. Now MaXXXine will be drawing on the 1980s VHS home video boom, sure to provide yet another very different experience for the franchise in the future.

The collaboration between West and Goth on the X trilogy seems to be in no short supply. Perhaps more surprises will be available in the future. Pearl is now in theaters, ready to be shocking and delivering a stunning performance from Mia Goth, with MaXXine coming soon.