Free Fire Hayato guide: The finest character combinations, abilities explained, and more

Free Fire Hayato guide: The finest character combinations, abilities explained, and more ...

Hayato has been a part of Free Fire for a long time, yet players still appreciate his shrewdness. Check out this Hayato guide that explains his abilities and reveals his best team combinations in the battle royale game.

Free Fire is one of the world's largest battle royale games with over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Despite fierce competition from PUBG Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, and other multiplayer titles, the game has gained enormous popularity over the years.

Through Diamonds or LINK progress, you may unlock characters in Free Fire. Every character has a unique ability that encourages players to build teams around them and surprise their opponents.

Hayato is one of the most amiable characters in Free Fire, who is ideal for players with an aggressive playstyle. Here's a short guide that reveals his abilities, best character combinations, and other useful information.

  • Who is Hayato in Free Fire?
  • Hayato’s ability in Free Fire explained
  • Best characters to use with Hayato in Free Fire

In Free Fire, who is Hayato?

Hayato, according to the Free Fire lore, is a legendary Samurai who is the last person left from his family. Therefore, he must carry the family Samurai custom.

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Hayato is able to uncover a secret that others cannot, and he is willing to give up his life for the same.

Hayato's skill in Free Fire is explained.

Hayato's ability to fire Free Fire is dubbed Bushido, which means:

  • When maximum HP is decreased by 10%, increase 7.5% armor penetration. (level 1)

At level 6, the armor penetration increases by 10.20%. After finishing Hayato's Awakening quests, you also gain access to his Awakened ability which is:

  • Reduce frontal damage by 1% for every 10% of max HP loss.

At level 6, frontal damage reduces by 3.5 percent of every 10% of maximum HP loss.

Hayato's game plan is based on losing HP but increasing damage and resistance as compensation. Armor penetration is the damage your bullets do to shields, while frontal damage is the amount of damage you receive from enemies from the front.

In Free Fire, the best characters to use with Hayato are

Hayato sacrifices his HP for additional damage, which is why players must play aggressively with him. Naturally, the best characters to use with Hayato complement his hostility.

These are the following characters:

Free Fire's DJ Alok creates an aura of 5m that increases ally movement speed by 10% and regenerates 5 HP for 5 seconds. The ability is even more powerful at higher levels and is perfect to match with Hayato. The latter will not only be able to rush rapidly but will also gain the HP he's lost in the process.

Homer's Sense Shockwave is one of Free Fire's best abilities that can benefit Hayato as well. It releases a drone that decreases the velocity and firing speed of the nearest enemy within a 100-meter frontal range for five seconds.

Homer and Hayato make great pairs for both the end of the game and against rushing opponents. In both situations, you can benefit from knowing the opponent's location and dealing some damage before going all in.

When you join Hayato on your Free Fire team, you'll most likely encounter a large number of opponents. You may need Joseph's ability to increase his movement and sprinting speed when damaged.

Joseph is an excellent Hayato partner as he can get through difficult situations more quickly than others. This way, he can assist the team effectively and encourage players to maintain their aggression.

We hope this article will assist you in maximizing Hayato's abilities in Free Fire. For other information, check out our guides on State of Survival, the best Dragonite moveset in Pokemon Go, and the best Fallout Shelter layout.

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