All Star-Shaped Gems & Electro Seelie Locations at Genshin Impact

All Star-Shaped Gems & Electro Seelie Locations at Genshin Impact ...

Under Shirikoro Peak, you must find three Star-Shaped Gems to solve a puzzle in the Inazuma area of Genshin Impact. This guide will reveal the locations of all three Star-Shaped Gems and how to obtain a Luxurious Chest using the Electro Seelies.

Genshin Impact's popularity is due to its huge open world, which was released with Liyue and Mondstadt, but fans have seen many fascinating regions throughout the years, such as Dragonspine, Inazuma, Enkanomiya, and The Chasm.

The open world in HoYoverse's RPG is not only stunning, but also complex. Some of the puzzles will be revealed, and solving them allows you to unlock treasure chests, as well as learning more about lore and NPCs.

Shirikoro Peak on Tsurumi Island is the site of a mural puzzle that involves finding three Star-Shaped Gems to interact with three wall murals. Check out this guide on all Star-Shaped Gem locations in Genshin Impact.

  • Requirements to find the three Star-Shaped Gems in Genshin Impact
  • Where to find the three Star-Shaped Gems in Genshin Impact
  • All three Electro-Seelie locations to get Luxurious Chest in Genshin Impact

Requirements to find the three Star-Shaped Gems in Genshin Impact

To find the three Star-Shaped Gems in Genshin Impact, you must own the Peculiar Pinion gadget, which has a three-second cooldown time.

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To obtain the Peculiar Pinion gadget in Genshin Impact, complete the Octave of the Maushiro World Quest. This quest is a part of the Through the Mists World Quest series which revolves around Ruu and clearing the fog from Tsurumi island.

Once you have the Peculiar Pinion, you may go to your inventory anytime and equip it.

Where can I find the three Star-Shaped Gems in Genshin Impact?

When you enter the ruins beneath Shirikoro Peak, look up and see a wall with an owl on it. Equip and use the Peculiar Pinion in front of it to break it down. Inside, you'll find a Star-Shaped Gem.

There's a round door that leads you deeper into the ruins, and in front of it, you'll find the second wall with an owl imprint. Once again, use the Peculiar Pinion to break it, and you'll be welcomed by a Ruin Machine and an Exquisite Chest on the right.

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The second Star-Shaped Gem in Genshin Impact is inside the Exquisite Chest. Note that breaking down these walls will also grant you an achievement in A Tale of Two Cities.

The Peculiar Pinion can be used to interact with the wall with an owl print to find the third Star-Shaped Gem in Shirikoro Peak's ruins. Go left to enter a basement with two distinct puzzles.

Instead, ignore the wall puzzle and the Electro Seelies in the room. Look for a hole in the ceiling and climb the wall to access the region. There, you'll find another Exquisite Chest that contains the third Star-Shaped Gem.

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After collecting all three Star-Shaped Gems in the game, you may return to the room with three murals and interact with them. Doing so will spawn three Electro Seelie, and their locations on the map will be highlighted in the murals.

In this photograph, the location of the three murals that require you to collect the Star-Shaped Gems is also marked:

Electro-Seelie locations will receive a Luxurious Chest in Genshin Impact at all three locations.

The first Electro Seelie will be visible just below the Teleport Waypoint. Follow it to the top with three mechanisms that convert Seelie to Electro flowers.

Use the Moshiri Ceremonial Site's Teleport Waypoint and head east toward the unnamed peak. The Electro Seelie is located beside a small shrub. Once again, use the second mechanism.

The third Electro Seelie will be able to move around the Moshiri Ceremonial Site for the first time. Touch it and it will start moving around, eventually becoming a flower.

All 131 Geoculus locations, all three Star-Shaped Gems in Genshin Impact, and how you can get a Luxurious chest by finding them.

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