Season 2 Warzone 2 players criticize the new AI that will be included in the game

Season 2 Warzone 2 players criticize the new AI that will be included in the game ...

Players have criticized Warzone 2's AI enemies for being too difficult to defeat, and the announcement that Season 2 will introduce a new AI opponent isn't well received by the community.

The Season 2 update will bring a slew of changes to Warzone 2, including the Ashika Island map and some significant looting changes.

After logging into the game, Warzone 2 players will have to fight a new AI enemy.

Season 2 will introduce a new AI combatant, known as The Rusher, who uses a deadly short sword to deal melee damage. He has a pistol and mini smoke bombs to deploy during battles.

'Whole_Carob3178,' a Warzone 2 user, has previously complained about how difficult AI adversaries can be to defeat.

Several Warzone 2 players slammed the decision to add the enemy in this Reddit thread, one player claiming that there is "nothing skillful or even satisfying about killing AI in a multiplayer FPS."

According to another user, "the most frustrating type of player in traditional multiplayer now has an AI version that will never misclick the melee button." This feature was described as a "braindead game mechanic."

Many players said they are dissatisfied with the inclusion of AI in any of Warzone 2's game modes. Modern Warzone also criticized the choice to include a melee-based AI that uses mini smoke bombs on Twitter.

One user replied: "The devs just don't understand it, man. How many times do we have to tell them we don't want AI in the game?" Another user claimed that this new enemy's addition is "killing the game."

After Warzone 2 Season 2 finally launched, it remains to be seen whether or not players will change their minds about The Rusher.

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