In Warzone 2, how do I complete Search & Seizure contracts?

In Warzone 2, how do I complete Search & Seizure contracts? ...

Season 2 Warzone 2 players will travel to Ashika Island, and the new map will add new abilities to the battle royale, including the Search and Seizure contract. Here's how to complete the new contract.

After the removal of Rebirth Island in Warzone Caldera, Warzone 2 Season 2 will add a ton of new content to the battle royale, including the brand-new Ashika Island map. Players are excited to return to a Resurgence map.

Ashika Island, which will be released in Season 2, will include several new features, including the Restore Honour feature and the Search and Seizure contract, which will allow players to earn extra cash if they dare to face the Shadow Company.

What are the terms used in Warzone 2 Search & Seizure contracts?

Ashika Island will be served with a new contract for Search and Seizure. Players will be charged with reclaiming a stolen automobile and delivering it to a designated drop-off point.

The Warzone 2 vehicle you'll have to reclaim will be either an SUV or a Patrol Boat. The Search & Seizure contract is expected to be a risky one, considering you'll be confronting Shadow Company personnel on Ashika Island.

The destination of the vehicle will be revealed on your minimap once you accept the contract. The vehicle will be guarded by enemy AI Shadow Company forces, and you'll need to take them on as one of them has the key to the vehicle.

The Shadow Company will also reward players with "Cash and other in-match bonuses" once they have purchased the key.

To complete Warzone 2's Search and Seizure contract on Ashika Island, follow these steps:

When do Warzone 2 Search & Seizure contracts arrive?

When Ashika Island arrives on February 15, players will not be able to pick up Search & Seizure contracts from the start.

The developers have confirmed that the Search & Seizure contracts would be an in-season addition, and while a date hasn't been released, in-season refers to the mid-season update.

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