Data Heists in Warzone 2: A Public Event Explained and Rewards

Data Heists in Warzone 2: A Public Event Explained and Rewards ...

For the first time, Warzone 2 Season 2 adds the Ashika Island Resurgence map to the game, and gives players a new public event called Data Heists.

Season 2 of Warzone will be released on February 15 and will bring a myriad of significant changes to the battle royale, such as a selection of new weapons to try out and an overhaul to the looting system.

The most impressive news about Resurgence mode is that it will be making a comeback, as well as a new Ashika Island map to play it on. This brand-new Warzone 2 map has a lot on its plate, including a new Data Heist public event.

Here's how to understand Warzone 2 Data Heists and what they're like for Resurgence players.

What are Warzone 2 Data Heists?

After the second circle, data heists take place in every match on Ashika Island. Three different uplink stations will go online around the map.

Squads are assigned with hacking into one of the stations to obtain information, and must remain nearby while the download takes place.

However, they will be confronted with hordes of Shadow Company AI that are attempting to disrupt the heist. Dealing with these AI enemies will speed up the download and reduce the amount of time you will have to spend out in the open fighting the uplink station.

Rival players may also intervene by launching a gunfight or by temporarily suspending the download. These locations are likely to be extremely competitive, so be prepared for a fight before you embark on a Data Heist.

Rewards for the Warzone 2 Data Heist

Players who complete the download at any of the uplink stations get bonus XP, cash, and a "random piece of Tactical Equipment," all of which can be very useful as you attempt to win in Resurgence.

Those who manage to conquer more than one uplink station will earn even more cash and XP, as well as a random Killstreak. One of these might be an Advanced UAV, which is capable of deciphering enemy positions in real-time and making it easy to plan your next move.

Data Heists will not be on Ashika Island during its first launches, as the developers have confirmed that they will be a "in-season" release. No exact date has been given, but this usually means it will arrive in the mid-season update.

Data Heists in Warzone 2 are a cool new addition to the Resurgence formula, which might result in engaging fights once the mode returns in Season 2.

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