Lovely wishes for Pokemon Go Timed Research: What career should you pursue?

Lovely wishes for Pokemon Go Timed Research: What career should you pursue? ...

New creatures, quests, and Timed Research challenges were introduced during the Pokemon Go Valentine's Day event. So here's all you need to know about Lovely Wishes Timed Research.

Pokemon Go is launching a new timed research quest called Lovely Wishes, which will be available starting on February 14. Here's all you need to know about the Lovely Wishes research.

Lovely Wishes requires players to catch five Pokemon, spin three PokeStops or Gyms, and Power Up Pokemon five times before moving on to the next page.

What are the three research paths in Pokemon Go Lovely Wishes?

Pokemon Go players may choose from one of three options: Catching Pokemon, Using Daily Adventure Incense, or the Pokemon Candy route. During the Valentine's Day event, different players might have different objectives, so here's a more detailed explanation of what these paths can provide you.

  • The Catching Pokemon path grants 2x XP for catching Pokemon during the Valentine’s Day event.
  • The Using Daily Adventure Incense path gives you an additional 15 minutes of Daily Adventure Incense use during the Valentine’s Day event. In other words, Daily Adventure Incenses will last 30 minutes until February 14.
  • The Pokemon Candy path grants 2x Candy for catching Pokemon during the event.

The Catching Pokemon route is the ideal choice if you want to increase your chances of catching some of the featured Pokemon this season, like the Galarian Legendary Birds. The Daily Adventure Incense is an excellent option if you want to develop some of the event-featured Pokemon.

Lovely Wishes for each Path in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players will have five additional research tasks to complete before the end of the Valentine's Day event once they choose one of the three paths described above.

  • Catch 10 Pokemon.
  • Catch 25 Pokemon.
  • Catch eight different species of Pokemon.
  • Send 25 gifts to friends.

Regardless of which path you choose, each has a unique fifth task. This is what you'll receive depending on your decision.

  • Catching Pokemon path: Earn 25,000 XP before February 14.
  • Daily Adventure Incense path: Catch 15 Pokemon while using the Daily Adventure Incense.
  • Pokemon Candy path: Use 25 Pinap Berries to help catch Pokémon.

Whatever route you choose, you have until February 14 to make the most of it. Mega Raids is coming to the Pokemon Go Valentine's Day event, as is Mega Gardevoir.

Be sure to look out for other useful guides for more Pokemon.

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