Following the Jamie Tate twist, Emmerdale revealed further Home Farm drama

Following the Jamie Tate twist, Emmerdale revealed further Home Farm drama ...

Below are spoilers for Emmerdale.

Following Jamie Tate's latest twist, Emmerdale will air more Home Farm drama.

Although Jamie hasn't been on screen, many recent episodes have revolved around him after he shoved his mother-in-law down the stairs and fled the country.

Millie, a youngster of the father of Kim Tate, was tense as she stayed in touch with other gran Kim Tate at Home Farm. In the future scenes, Millie will return to Home Farm to live.

Millie scuffles with Clemmie about whether or not she'll get her old room back, causing problems with Kim and Dawn.

Kim manages to offend Dawn when she proposes Millie should get her room back because Clemmie might not be staying at Home Farm for the long term if the adoption fails.

Dawn continues to try to comfort Clemmie as she encourages her to paint her room a unique design, yet she is irritated by Kim's decision to do a similar swap for the girls' room.

Kim is tempted to question whether there are simply too many children living under the same roof due to fears about an upcoming visit with child services.

Gabby tries to entice everyone by inviting Thomas to join Bernice, much to Kim's displeasure. The child services meeting follows with the wonderful news that Clemmie will stay with Dawn!

When a scream is heard at Home Farm, revealing that Clemmie bit Millie during their most recent encounter, Dawn's relief is brief-lived. Now, the peaceful balance in Home Farm has been jeopardized.

Is Dawn a possibility to bring peace to the two girls?

Emmerdale airs on ITV weeknights at 7.30pm, and it also airs on the ITV Hub.

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