After a surprising CoD 2023 revelation, Modern Warfare 2 players were left fuming

After a surprising CoD 2023 revelation, Modern Warfare 2 players were left fuming ...

If rumors are true, CoD 2023 is anticipated to be a brand-new premium entry into the franchise. Players are dissatisfied with earlier reports that Modern Warfare 2 would be offered a two-year cycle.

Players in Modern Warfare 2 are getting ready to see new content that will be added to the game in Season 2. The update is expected to include new weapons, maps, modes, and gameplay improvements that players have requested since the launch.

On February 9, leaks pertaining to the next Call of Duty game began to surface, with the focus on Modern Warfare 2 Season 2. As previously reported, Tom Hendeson stated that CoD 2023 will be a brand-new premium release, not a second year of Modern Warfare 2 content.

A CoD 2023 leak reveals a planned two-year MW2 cycle that was canceled.

Most players are frightened by the suggestion of CoD 2023 being changed. They claim that they only purchased MW2 due to the expectation of two years of developer support and content.

"It's quite disconcerting," a player said, because the main reason I purchased MW2 was because it was promised that this would be the only cod for at least two years. This is only part of the problem that players face with the leak of CoD 2023.

The major issue with the expansion of Modern Warfare 2's poor start, according to the authors: "What's even more concerning is how dismal this MP has been this year, given the sole explanation that it's a two-year drip that's why the content is coming out slowly."

According to players, the absence of Modern Warfare 2 content was only justified by the two-year cycle. They're beginning to wonder where all of the missing content has gone if it isn't being saved for the second year of Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare 2 players aren't satisfied with what they see as the rug falling out of them.

One player believes that the negative reception of Modern Warfare 2 will undoubtedly affect CoD 2023 sales: "They won't see huge sales for that game as they did for this with the current content we have."

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