JGOD believes a delay in Warzone 2.0 is the best solution

JGOD believes a delay in Warzone 2.0 is the best solution ...

JGOD, content creator and loadout expert, expresses his concerns over Warzone 2.0 and believes a delay might be necessary.

At the COD Next event, about 200 streamers and Call of Duty experts got the chance to interact with Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2.0, and Warzone Mobile.

This was our first opportunity to see what Call of Duty had to offer. For those players, it was a chance to get a feel for the future games that their livelihoods will depend on.

The fan reaction to Warzone 2.0 has been primarily negative. A lot of players have reacted negatively to the new looting system, slower pacing, and the lack of loadouts in particular.

But while you're saying goodbye to loadouts, Warzone 2.0 has a new tool to help you get your custom weapons!

Is Warzone 2.0 a Better Delay?JGOD Is Concerned About Call of Duty's Future

Al Mazrah, JGOD, explains his thoughts on the new Warzone 2.0 map in a recent video:

  • The Map Al Mazrah looked good, there seemed to be decent lighting improvements, and interesting POIs such as Highrise and Terminal give the map that nostalgia kick.
  • Weapons So far, weapon variety seems good and it easy to find specific weapons around the map.
  • Vehicles Some great additions but vehicles need tuning to make them easier and more enjoyable to use. IW is super about realism, even at the cost of fun.
  • Gulag The new 2v2 Gulag in Warzone 2.0 could use work. Its too soon to tell whether its good or bad, but JGOD believes it didnt really need a change from the current system.
  • Triple Circle Zones Instead of having one zone, Warzone 2.0 will often split into 3 separate zones which converse into one. Again, its too soon to tell how this will feel after a few games, but it could leave some players in relatively isolated circles for a slower less-rewarding win.
  • Proximity Chat Warzone 2.0s new proximity chat feature is a fun addition, which could be great for content creators. However, the mechanic could lead to copyrighted music being played or stream snipers abusing players, which may lead to most creators disabling the chat altogether.
  • Movement The removal of slide-canceling as we know it was always going to upset some players, but JGOD thinks its generally fine to return to more traditional Call of Duty movement. However, he believes that movement could use tightening up, and both sliding and diving need more functionality in-game.
  • Loadout Drops Loadouts are gone in Warzone 2.0 which is upsetting some players who identify that mechanic with what made the original Warzone great. Now weapons will be very expensive when purchased from The Shop, and Perks are gone. And while fans will soon adapt to the new system, itll certainly be very hard to come back from the Gulag without the ability to reclaim your loadout.
  • Spectating As one of the creators that likes to spectate player footage for content, Warzone 2.0s new off the helmet spectator cam needs some work. JGOD reports that the new perspective was making some of his viewers feel nauseous and hopes that the first-person perspective will make a return.
  • Looting One of the biggest differences in Warzone 2.0 is its loot system, where players must move items manually from containers to their inventory. In JGODs eyes, the slow, more methodical loot system is clearly a DMZ feature. So far, the system seems far more clunky and time-consuming, as well as blocking your vision by appearing in the middle of your screen. Ammo shouldnt need management, JGOD believes, and removing it from taking up inventory space would be a major improvement.
  • AI JGOD didnt pull his punches on this new addition, calling AI soldiers unnecessary. According to the creator, AI makes zero sense for Battle Royale, and was another addition that was clearly for DMZ.
  • Buy Stations The new shop system allows you to buy any weapon you want, but the mechanic is now far too clunky, with poor UI that slows down your purchasing and keeps you at the station for far too long.
  • QOL Changes Removed A lot of Quality of Life changes that came to Warzone after launch are currently missing. Things like lootable perks, an improved gas mask animation, and marker indications to explain why enemies are taking more damage to kill all feel like they need to make a return.
  • Low Player Count Although Al Mazrah is the biggest COD Battle Royale map of all time, the test matches only contained around 102 players. Since zones move slower and separate the lobby into 3 areas, more players might be necessary to keep the map feeling alive.
  • Unfinished JGODs final point was a controversial one, informing viewers that to him, Warzone 2.0 just feels unfinished. Of course, were still a little way out from launch, but the creator doesnt want Al Mazrah tainting in the same was as Caldera was, with an issue-filled debut.

If Infinity Ward can't sort out the maps issues soon, JGOD advises that Warzone 2.0 be deferred.

I dont care if it is a month or two, try to go till March or something, as the author states. I want the best experience possible.

JGOD expressed his thoughts on Al Mazrah and Warzone 2.0. Were certain Infinity Ward is listening attentive to feedback right now, but only time will tell how many changes will come before launch.

The release date for Warzone 2.0 is approaching rapidly. Is it possible that the new battle royale experience might be delayed? You'll have to wait and see.