Why Did Max Leak The Dreas Video In Do Revenge?

Why Did Max Leak The Dreas Video In Do Revenge? ...

Do Revenge is a funny teen film. What is a teen film with no drama? If you have seen it, you may be wondering why did Max release the Dreas Video? Was it actually him that leaked it?

Dreas' friends organized a party for her. She is the most popular girl in high school, and she is featured in Teen Vogue. Max, her boyfriend, supports her and is grateful for her.

Max sends Drea a private video of himself to the entire school. When Drea confronts him about it, he refuses and tells her, his phone was stolen. Drea refuses to believe anything he says and seeks revenge.

Drea and Eleanor, her new best friend, enlist help each other in seeking vengeance. And then, at the admissions party, they get Max to confess that he leaked the video.

Max tells them that he disliked Drea because he believed she trusted her. He was the one who helped her to become popular, and he felt terrible that she did not even thank her. And when Drea became a Teen Vogue video, it was his breaking point. He was ecstatic that his Drea was becoming more successful and popular than him.

Do Revenge is a film about popular Drea's desire for revenge on her boyfriend for releasing her sex tape, and exchange student Eleanor is perplexed by a rumor. The two teenagers conspire to fight their foes. You can now watch it on Netflix.